Product Review & Video Introduction: GT Bicycles Edge Ti Frameset

GT Bicycles is known for having a strong history in BMX, mountain bike racing and road racing. In addition, GT sponsored high profile teams including the US National Team and the Lotto / adecco Team at the ProTour level.

GT has always been innovative in their designs and this still holds true today with GT’s Edge Ti frameset. Since GT is no stranger using Titanium in their building process, GT has come to the table with an all new updated design. Using modern updates such as hydroformed Titanium 3AL-2.5v tube sets, which add function as well as styling to the frame. GT has redesigned the Edge Ti frame using a tapered head tube utilizing a 1 1/8 to 1 1/4 steer tube. In addition, GT uses a straight bladed speed blend carbon fork that matches up to the tapered and flattened shape of the head tube for an ultra clean look. GT stayed with the standard threaded bottom bracket for use without board bearings.

GT also continues to use their legendary triple triangle. The seat tube uses a 31.6 seat post for added strength, and is flared out near the bottom bracket. The rear drop outs are 3D shaped. Bringing all of these new features with perfect Ti welds and clean but subtle polished graphics makes for a unique bike that isn’t the norm on what you usually see out on the road with this compact designed road frameset.

The ride matches up to its looks. Most Titanium frames are known for more comfort and being lightweight. However, I would have to say that GT has changed the way you might think of a Ti frameset. Having come off of a Cannondale CAAD10 aluminum frame,  the ride was very similar in how responsive the frame was given that it was a Ti frame. The handling was also on the more aggressive side. Being a Cat 1 rider, I feel like you could head right out to any road race or crit and feel right at home with its handling. This frame is definitely for the more serious enthusiast rider that wants performance over a super comfortable bike. I’m not saying that it’s not comfortable, but rather built for performance. So, with that being said it is a very lively handling frameset.

Being a compact design allows for an aggressive and responsive feel to it when sprinting or climbing out of the saddle. The triple triangle and tapered tubes also allows for a more responsive frame. The tapered head tube makes for razor sharp cornering and a solid feel up front with the straight bladed speed blend carbon fork. Having a more compact design allows for the frame to be more responsive when climbing and sprinting but also climbs well in the saddle. Since the GT Bicycles Edge Ti comes as a frameset you can build it to your needs. The bike I tested had Dura Ace 10 speed mechanical and compact gearing and Smart Enve System. In my opinion, this bike is begging for the new Dura Ace 11 speed, which I think would be the perfect fit for this frameset.

I didn’t have the chance to weigh the bike, however it felt pretty light but not the lightest. I think it just depends on how much you want to sink on components and wheels. Being that this a frameset only, this allows you to build to your budget and riding style.

One thing I was surprised on was that they kept a standard Euro Bottom Bracket with outboard bearings over a more modern bb30 system. However the Euro Bottom Bracket worked just fine and was plenty stiff when pushing down on the pedals.

The GT Bicycles Ti Edge frame and fork retails for $ 2,200 for the frameset only. It only comes in a raw matte with polished graphics and in 52, 54, 56 and 58 cm frame sizes

Overall the GT Bicycles Edge Ti frameset is a pleasant and surprising ride that isn’t your typical generic bike no matter how you build it. The GT Bicycles Edge Ti stands out from the rest with it’s super clean Ti welds and chromed and polished graphics that give the GT Bicycles Edge Ti frame a custom look.

So, if your looking for a fresh, one of a kind look that will surprise your friends and stand out from your typical generic bikes, then GT Bicycles has got a sweet ride for you.

For more information on the Gt Bicycles Edge Ti frameset please visit

Product Review & Video Introduction by Frank Sarate,

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