Photo Gallery & Results: Podium Sweep for the Williams Brothers at Ontario Grand Prix

The Ontario Grand Prix Pro 1-3 race started with a field of  70+ riders under humid conditions (for SoCal). The pace was high right from the start and stayed that way throughout the race. There were plenty of attacks but nothing really had sticking power as the combines weren’t right. As the breaks kept coming back, it was inevitable that it was going to be a field sprint. So, when it came down to the pack winding it up for the field sprint it was an MRI  podium sweep with the Williams Brothers taking the top three spots going 1, 2, 3 with CJ Williams taking the win ahead of brothers Cory for second and Justin in third.

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Full Results from All Categories

Pro 1-3 Results
1. CJ Williams (SC VELO MRI Endurance)
2. Cory Williams (SC VELO MRI Endurance)
3. Justin Williams (SC VELO MRI Endurance)
4. Timothy McGee (Predator Carbon Repair)
5. Andrew Bosco (Bike Religion / Sho-Air)

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