Tech & New Products: Cannondale Launches 2015 F-Si

Cannondale recently launched the all-new 2015 F-Si in Albstadt, Germany. Cannondale’s newest hardtail is the most integrated, the most advanced, and the lightest XC race bike the industry has ever seen. The proof is in the details.

The current Cannondale F29 continues to set the bar for light weight and stiffness; however, the brand set out to advance the platform, and the result is the faster, even better handling F-Si. “While we pride ourselves in building the most cutting edge frames in cycling, our real advantage is in our System Integration approach to bike design,” said Bob Burbank, Global General Manager, Cannondale. “The 2015 F-Si is for those XC Racers and hardtail purists who are seeking next level handling, speed and efficiency.”

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The F-Si improves even further upon its predecessor’s climbing and descending performance. With World Cup XC courses becoming more technical, the new bike needed to be more adept at super technical descents. Although these races can be lost on the descent, they are most often won on the climbs. Races are shorter with out-of-the-saddle climbing, and it was essential that the bike made the most of power output. Keeping all this in mind, Cannondale utilized System Integration and revamped frame geometry to deliver better handling, increased traction, and speed.

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Rather than be limited to off-the-shelf standards, Cannondale has applied its System Integration approach to bike design which develops component technologies and frames as a complete package. The Cannondale F-Si is no different, as it has been designed with key innovative technologies such as; the new Lefty 2.0, the SAVE 2 seat, and new System 29 Geometry.. In addition, the F-Si boasts the shortest (429mm) chainstays on the market for the XC race category. The bike’s Asymmetric Integration drivetrain has been moved 6 mm outward via a new Hollowgram spider to alleviate any clearance issues due to the new chainstays and is matched by an all-new offset rear end. This means a stiffer, more durable rear wheel as well as a more agile bike without compromises.

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