Interview & Photo Gallery: Incycle San Dimas Store Expands to a New Location

Incycle bike shops has been serving the cycling community since 1991 with four successful locations (San Dimas, Chino, Rancho Cucamonga, Pasadena). Incycle recently moved the San Dimas store to a larger, state of the art space that was built from the ground up. The new store is located in the same shopping center as the previous location, but offers more inventory and space at 8,800 square feet! We caught up with co-owner Mark Smits to learn more about the new Incycle San Dimas Store.  Congratulations on your newly built shop and location! What prompted the move to the new location?

Mark Smits:  Incycle San Dimas had been in the same location for over 23 years and our old location was so small that we out grew it and the current landlord wanted to raise our rent to an amount that it would have been very difficult to stay in business. This prompted us to look elsewhere and we found our #1 choice of all times and are very happy now.

[SlideDeck2 id=17555]  How long did it take to build the new store and what type of renovations took place?

Mark Smits:  It took us way longer than expected to renovate our new store. We started July 1, 2014 and finished in early October. We gutted this place and started from scratch, you gotta see it for yourselves. 🙂  What special features does the new shop have?

Mark Smits:  Special features include a state of the art bike rack system that enables you to see the whole bike. It’s awesome!! Also, an open bay mechanics area so you can watch your bike being tuned, a GoPro premier island, a state of the art and private fit studio, an awesome customer yard which is perfect to rest after a long ride and much much more…  What is the square footage?

Mark Smits:  Our square footage is 8,800 square feet and the Pasadena store is still the big boy at 12,400.  Will you carry more inventory or brands with the larger location?

Mark Smits:  We are carrying a larger brand selection like Colnago, Intense, Mavic clothing, shoes and helmets and a ton more.  Are there any upcoming shop rides or demos coming up from the San Dimas location?

Mark Smits:  We just supported the Tour of Foothills and will support another outdoor demo at Bonelli Park on November 23rd. We also support a charitable organization named One More Move. We will be doing a bike drive and giveaway on November 15th. We try as always to support as many community events as humanly possible.  Thanks for your time Mark!  The new shop looks amazing and we wish you all the best in your new location!

For more information and directions to Incycle’s new San Dimas store or other locations, please visit

Interview by Christy Nicholson,

Photos by Frank Sarate,

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