Rally Cycling Men’s Team Turns Pro Continental

Rally Cycling Team Enters Pro Continental Ranks

The Rally Cycling men’s team has announced that it will be joining the Professional Continental ranks in 2018, after eleven years of racing on the Continental circuit.

The move to cycling’s second division is a milestone achievement for one of America’s oldest domestic cycling programs. It means bigger races, a stronger roster, and higher expectations.

The team has begun revamping its race calendar, adding more excursions into Europe, but will also continue to target key North American races. The upgrade to Pro Continental status means access to a new level of international competition.

“Races such as the Tour of California, Tour of Utah, Colorado Classic and Tour of Alberta will be our main North American objectives in 2018,” said Jonas Carney, Performance Director, Rally Cycling. “Internationally, the move to Pro Conti opens up a lot of doors for us. It will allow us to pursue prestigious races around the globe.”

Hoka One

With the upgrade in status, events on the international WorldTour racing calendar open up in 2018, and the team is close to finalizing important invitations to start the season.

Photo – Darrell Parks

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