Product Review: Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System

Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System

Token has been one of those companies within the bike industry that is pretty low key on their marketing efforts, but that doesn’t mean that fantastic products haven’t come from Token for many years now.

Token makes many different components including wheels, bottom brackets, headsets in addition to the Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System as well as many other components or your bike.

I’ve used ceramic pulley wheels before from SRAM and I would say that I noticed a difference back then and they weren’t even oversized.

They say you can save a lot of watts by using standard size ceramic pulleys. Token has taken it to the next level by adding a lower oversized ceramic pulley and a full carbon cage to accommodate the larger lower pulley and has also reduced the weight with carbon pulley cages.

Token also uses hardened anodized alloy parts to finish off the Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System for reliability and strength. 

With the added weight savings and efficiency, the Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System is one of those products that is a must if your looking for extra speed and efficiency. I noticed a big difference when I’ve used ceramic pulleys before, but when I had the opportunity to use the Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System it was a game changer that makes it easier to stay on top of the gears.  The larger lower pulley makes a big difference as it creates a more direct chain line providing less friction.

When riding my bike with the Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System, I feel like I’m in one gear larger as it’s that efficient and rolls smoother. It is also noticeable how smooth and efficient the shifting is when changing gears and seems smoother than stock Shimano pulleys.

The Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System is very quiet when going through gear changes and uses a Conti Wave Technology to achieve the smooth shifting which reduces sound when shifting and pedaling.

The carbon fiber cage plates also makes up for weight over the standard aluminum pulley cages but also ads rigidity by with the oversized pulley wheels.

One of the key features that make the Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System stand apart from the other less expensive oversized pulleys on the market, is that they use a fully sealed cartridge ceramic bearings that allows for durability and longevity and prevents the bearings from getting contaminated by debris.

The Token Shuriken pulley wheels are CNC machined and coated with a titanium coating to add strength and durability. The upper pulley wheel is a 12 tooth and the lower pulley is a 19 tooth which gives it a super clean look when installed on your bike.

If you are using a standard pulley system and have wondered what it would be like to make the upgrade to the Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System , I can say that it is worth the money. Once you make the upgrade you will notice the difference when riding and it is probably one of the most noticeable differences you can make to your bike, besides upgrading to a good set of race wheels.

Technical Specs

PULLEY WHEEL Upper 12T, lower 19T
RD COMPATIBILITY SHIMANO R9100, R9150(Di2), R8000, R8050(Di2)
DRIVETRAIN CAPACITY 16T (chainring) + 23T (cassette)
WEIGHT 69.5 g / set
PLATE MATERIAL Matte 3K carbon
PULLEY MATERIAL Aluminium with titanium coating
COLOURS Matte Carbon
Black (PVD)
Gold (PVD)


The MSRP for the the Token Shuriken Oversized Pulley System is $369.

More Information

For more information and to purchase, please visit .


Review by Frank Sarate,

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