Food Park - Irvine, CA

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It's the same hard core group as the Como ride who make up the majority of this weekly Saturday morning spin (50-100 riders). As with many of the Saturday rides there are two routes, one long and one short.  The split is at Alton/Laguna Canyon. The shorter group turns right into Laguna Canyon.  The long group continues on Alton Parkway and does the "Church Hill" power climb on El Toro Road before continuing down into Laguna Canyon.  Next it's north on PCH to the Newport coast climb which breaks up all the fun.

Day Every Saturday (all year)
Start Time 8:30am
Start At the corner of Main and Harvard in the city of Irvine.  Directions:  Take the 405 to Irvine (just south of the 55 fwy), to north on Jamboree and right on Main to Harvard.
Distance 30-40 miles
Duration 2 hours



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