Montrose Ride - Pasadena, CA

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The Montrose ride, which starts at Descanso Gardens in La Canada (about 3 miles northwest of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena), covers about 45 miles on it's way to the official "end" of the ride in Sierra Madre.   Watch out for riders joining the pack along the way as they often suprise riders who are flying along at speeds of up to 40mph, particuarly along Huntington Drive in San Marino.

Don't get me wrong, this is a fun ride, but it's no Sunday stroll (maybe that's why it's on Saturday).  So bring a fairly fresh set of legs and be SURE to wear your helmet!

Day Every Saturday (all year)
Start Time 8:00am
Main Start Desconso Gardens in La Canada, CA  (1/2 mile south of Verdugo on Desconso)
Start # 2 8:20 at Trader Joe's Market in S. Pasadena (corner of Mission and Grand)
Start # 3 9:15 at Arrow Hwy and Cerritos in Azusa (the "long" ride splits off here)
Distance 45-50 miles
Duration 2.5-3 hours
Notes There is also a shorter loop which cuts about 10 miles off the ride.  Both routes finish at the same place.  Once you reach the finish, you still have to ride back to wherever it is you started from as the ride does not start and end in the same place!



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