Bicyclists Call to Action to Publish Favorable Bicycle Legal Case By November 27th

Recently Attorney Richard Duquette shared good news for bicyclists about a new appeals court case (Catherine Williams V. County of Sonoma) that widely affects ALL bicyclists in California with regard to “Assuming the Risks of Dangerous Roadway conditions“. Read opinion.

There are current cases pending in California, either in pre-litigation or litigation that will benefit from this new Sweeping Appellate decision gutting the defense of a bicyclist “Assuming the Risks of Dangerous Roadway conditions“.

However, realizing the importance of this case, the League of Cities appellate lawyers is trying to de-publish it so the case won’t become precedent, which would prevent attorneys from getting a fair recovery.

Write a Letter of Support for California Supreme Court by November 27th

Attorney Richard Duquette is encouraging bicyclists to “Please write Appellate Attorney Alan Charles Dell’ario and politely tell the California Supreme Court why we want the Williams v. County of Sonoma case published as legal precedent in order to protect bicyclists injured due to public entity negligence, like dangerous potholes, and open trenches. The publication will establish legal precedent, so bicyclists don’t have to repeat this litigation.”

Download Sample Letter

Find a link to Mr. Duquette’s letter to the California Supreme Court urging them to publish this “Williams” case that can be used as a template.

The deadline is November 27, 2020, so ACT FAST!

Please send letters to support the publication of this bicycle law decision to Alan Charles Dell’ario at [email protected] and he will upload the letters to the Supreme Court.

Alan Charles Dell’ario
Attorney at Law
(707) 666-5351
[email protected]

The following three articles with podcasts explain how to hold public entities liable:

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  • Read Part 2 – Bicyclists’ Rights Against Public Entities: Potholes to Trails Part 2 – Potholes and Government Land
  • Read Part 3 – Bicyclists’ Rights Against Public Entities: Potholes to Trails Part 3 – Immunities Shield

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