Simi Ride Bicycle Training Ride – Simi Valley, CA

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From November to February each year, the Simi Ride bicycle training ride comes alive!  Starting early in November with a shorter 35-40 mile course, the ride soon expands to it’s full length of approximately 70 miles by January.  This ride is famous for not only it’s beautiful scenery but also for the riders it attracts.  In the 80’s riders such as Greg LeMond and Andy Hampsten were reported to have frequented this awesome ride.  Today it’s a who’s who of National and International pro’s especially in January when the ride grows to an amazing 250-300 riders..

Heading out west through Simi Valley the first 8 miles or so is slighty downhill (after the short climb over Santa Suzanna which is done prior to the start of the ride).  The Simi ride really begins at about mile 10.  Before you know it, you are climbing through a series of short but difficult climbs and hoping that you can catch up with the group at the next stop.  Stop you ask?  Yep.  This ride is kind enough to slow down and even stop twice to wait for those whose legs aren’t quite as lively.  This is definitely one of my favorite rides but unfortunately I only do it a few times a year.  It’s quite a drive from my neck of the woods but still I try and make the trek out as often as possible.

Day  Saturday (November to February)

Start  8:00am at Lassen and Topanga Cyn in Chatsworth, CA

Main Start  8:15 at Los Angeles and Kuehner in Simi Valley, CA

Distance  35-70 miles (after Jan 1 it’s always the 70 mile loop)

Duration  3.5-4 hours

Notes  There’s a great little pasta place right at the corner of Lassen and Topanga when the ride is done.  Bring a few bucks and pig out after this grueling ride.

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