Grape-Nuts Box Features Bausch and Busche

USA Cycling and Post Foods, LLC announced the release of a USA Cycling-branded Grape-Nuts cereal box. More than 7.5 million of the specially-designed boxes are scheduled to hit store shelves nationwide by the end of April.

Featuring images of USA Cycling Professional Road National Champion Matthew Busche (Wauwatosa, WI/Team RadioShack-Nissan-Trek) and track cyclist Dotsie Bausch (Irvine, CA/OUCH Pro Cycling), the box offers training tips, how to find a club and information on how to get started in cycling.

“One of the most exciting aspects of our relationship and the activation with Grape-Nuts was their commitment to produce and distribute nationwide a USA Cycling branded Grape-Nuts box,” said USA Cycling President & CEO Steve Johnson. “This will add to the ever increasing high profile of cycling in the U.S. and sends a message of health and wellness that is associated with both Grape-Nuts and cycling.”

“We’ve already received a lot of positive feedback from our partnership presence at the National Championship Events so we cannot wait to propel the momentum with Grape-Nuts USA Cycling packages hitting store shelves this month,” said Sunny Ekmahachai, Senior Promotions Manager at Post.

“I am extremely excited to be on the cover of the Grape-Nuts box,” said Matthew Busche. “I am very happy and honored to help promote cycling in the USA with a great partner like Grape-Nuts. I hope that together we can promote USA Cycling and increase interest in the sport of cycling throughout the U.S. and the world. It excites me that Grape-Nuts is supporting a healthier lifestyle for people through healthy eating and exercise. I am glad USA Cycling has partnered with Grape-Nuts, and hope it is a fruitful relationship for years to come.”

“It’s an honor to be representing USA Cycling and Grape-Nuts cereal,” said Dotsie Bausch. “Promoting health, smart nutrition and daily activity is the key to wellness and vitality, and Grape-Nuts exudes this in every way.”

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