Results: Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium

The Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium, which was held in Brea, had a great turn out of racers and fans today.

You can read about the day’s racing at the Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium here as well as  view our Photo Gallery.

Photo – Charon Smith (Surf City Cyclery / Sterling BMW) wins the  Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium in the Masters 35 +. Photo © Christy Nicholson /

Full Results

The Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium  Result Highlights

Pro 1-2
1 Fabrizio VonNacher CashCall Mortgage
2 Justin Williams CashCaIl Mortgage
3 Rahsaan Bahati Bahati Foundation Elite Team
4 Erick Sobey SPY GIANT RIDE
5 Juan Aldapa Calimex
6 Dion Smith Full Circle
7 Bryan Larsen Stage 17 Racing
8 Daniel Gay Get Crackin’
9 Orlando Garibay SC Velo MRI Endurance Elite U23
10 Anthony Canevari

Category 3
1 John Smart Michelob Ultra – La Grange +21
2 John McNulty Bike Palace
3 Seth Veenbaas MRI Endurance Elite Juniors
4 Jason Hall UC Cyclery/JW Floors
5 David Mendoza
6 Robert Perez
7 Daniel Caldera Rock Sports Racing
8 Francois Jones Bahati Foundation Elite Team
9 Kenten Harris Team Velocity
10 Tony Zaldua Gruppo Velo

Category 4
1 Josh Ruiz Southern California Velo
2 Scott Rollins Catalyst Racing
3 Kyle Wills Moment Cycle Sport
4 Erwin Lozano Adrenaline Cycling Club
5 Langdon Taguiped
6 Jack Tucker Rokform/Rock N’ Road
7 Lino DiSalvo OTR Racing
8 David Hanson TRU Cycling
9 Nick Jones ACQUA AL 2/SDBC
10 Todd Struyk Catalyst Racing

Category 5 19+
1 Jose Reyes
2 Leo Reyes Southern California Velo
3 Bryan Salazar Gruppo Velo
4 Frank Carone
5 Arin McGunigle Opprime Cycling Team
6 Alex Eusebio Gruppo Velo
7 Rahman Weimer 4 Pro Bike Supply
8 Steve Brown
9 Dennis Caco ACQUA AL 2/SDBC
10 Jake Quattrocchi

Masters 35+
1 Charon Smith, Surf City Cyclery / Sterling BMW
2 John Wike , Surf City Cyclery / Sterling BMW
3 Michael Easter, TIME – Velo Pasadena Team
5 Aron Gadhia, SPY GIANT RIDE
6 Aaron Wimberley, Team Helen’s
7 Philip Tinstman, MRI Endurance Elite Masters
8 Scott Cochran, MRI Endurance Elite Masters
9 Sang Vu, TRU Cycling-Jax Bicycles Racing
10 Nicholas Onate, SkyFlash

Masters 45+
1 Armin Rahm TIME – Velo Pasadena Team
2 Evan Teske
3 Mike McMahon Team Velocity
4 Aron Gadhia SPY GIANT RIDE
5 Dennis King Central Coast Tire CCT
6 Thurlow Rogers Breakaway from Cancer Masters
7 Craig Miller BBI-SIC Cycling
8 Bill Harris BBI-SIC Cycling
9 Alan Flores SPY GIANT RIDE
10 Mike Frias Michelob Ultra – La Grange +21

Masters 50+
1 Evan Teske
2 Faustino Riveron Jr. Team Simple Green/Bike Religion
3 Tod Smith Bicycle Haus Racing
4 Marvin Hall UC Cyclery/JW Floors
5 Mario Higareda WIN-TEAM RACING
6 Gary Wall Pinnaclife Racing Team
7 Billy Wayne Radsport Cycling Team
8 Donald Kimper UC Cyclery/JW Floors
9 Michael McConnell UC Cyclery/JW Floors
10 Lee Romans Paramount Racing

Masters 55+
1Mark Hoffenberg Rokform/Rock N’ Road
2 Keith Ketterer Breakaway from Cancer Masters
3 Michael Birditt SKLZ-Swami’s Cycling Team
4 Daniel Nicolette Rokform/Rock N’ Road
5 Cyril Hunte
6 Dale Luedtke Swami’s Cycling Club
7 Ricky Shorts Bahati Foundation p/b Major Motion Cycllng
8 Jay Wolkoff Radsport Cycling Team
9 Alex Collins UC Cyclery/JW Floors
10 Guido Quezada

Masters 60+
1 Kalman Szkalak UC Cyclery/JW Floors
2 Paul Rodriguez UC Cyclery/JW Floors
3 Kirk Freeman
4 John McKee Paramount Racing
5 Mark HuffmanUC Cyclery/JW Floors
6 Richard Lilleberg South Bay Wheelmen
7 Steven Borer UC Cyclery/JW Floors
8 Peter Banko Cycle U /Apex Racing
9 Rick Roberson
10 Ed Soloman

Junior Men 10-12
1 Osvaldo Mora
2 Tristan Mitchell Southern California Velo
3 Nathan Hickey PAA/REMAX
4 Katin Mitchell Southern California Velo
5 Brody McDonald Celo Pacific
6 Lance Araiza TRU Cycling-Jax Bicycles Racing
7 Dexter Koester Flight School – La Grange U21
8 Kyle Mitchell Southern California Velo
9 Lenny Melamed Flight School – La Grange U21
10 Devin Wilson Rokform/Rock N’ Road

Junior Men 13-14
1 Nick Robertson Southern California Velo
2 Weston Giem Team Velosport Club
3 Richard Holec
4 Drew Kalasky Rokform/Rock N’ Road
5 Kyle Kirby ACQUA AL 2/SDBC
6 Ama Nsek Southern California Velo
7 Osvaldo Mora
8 David Herrera Southern California Velo
9 rider unknown
10 lan Schwartz Rokform/Rock N’ Road

Jr Men 15-16
1 Gavin Hoover Rokform/Rock N’ Road
2 Jack Tucker Rokform/Rock N’ Road
3 Imeh Nsek Southern California Velo 1
4 Christian Husband MRI Endurance Elite Juniors
5 2Matthew Chuml Southern California Velo
6 MATHEW LY TRU Cycling-Jax Bicycles Racing
7 Brian Stack G S Adams Avenue Bicycles
8 Daniel Willett Southern California Velo
9 Eric C)ien MRI Endurance Elite Juniors
10 Chazmichael Morales Cycles Veloce

Jr Men 17-18
1 Dylan Shuyler, Echelon Santa Barbara
2 James Pflughaupt, Rokfrom/ Rock N Road
3 Josh Ruiz Southern California Velo
4 Aubrey Smentkowski, Rokfrom/ Rock N Road
5 Jarred Jordani, Rokfrom/ Rock N Road
6 Nathan Rico
7 Chazmichael Morales, Cycles Veloce
8 Seth Veenbaas, MRI Endurance Elite Juniors
9 Erwin Lozano, Adrenaline Cycling Club
10 Anthony Fitch MRI Endurane Elite Juniors

Jr Women 10-14
1 Courtney Comer, Major Motion Development
2 Moriah Swan, Strive Racing
3 Lauren Stack, G S Adams Avenue Bicycles
4 lvy Koester, Flight School – La Grange U21
5 Mckenzie Steiner, G S Adams Avenue Bicycles
6 Sarah Swan, Strive Racing
7 Cheyenne Comer, Major Motion Development
8 Eve Chavez
9 Roxxanne Peoples, San Diego Bicycle Club

Jr Women 15-18
1Rachel Cross Rokform/Rock N’ Road
2 Hannah Swan Strive Racing
3 Rachel Swan Strive Racing
4 Lauren Stack G S Adams Avenue Bicycles
5 Sarah Swan Strive Racing
6 Mckenzie Steiner G S Adams Avenue Bicycles
7 Cheyenne Comer Major Motion Development
8 Moriah Swan Strive Racing

Women 1-3
1 Jennifer Valente, Team Exergy
2 Shelby Reynolds, Helens Racing
3 Holly Breck, SC VELO/lnCycle
4 Julie Cutts, Michelob Ultra – La Grange +21
5 Joy McCulloch, CashCall Mortgage
6 Belinda Eschenwald, Michelob Ultra – La Grange +21
7 Pamela Schuster, SC VELO/lnCycle
8 Amy Firth, South Bay Wheelmen
9 Suzanne Sonye, Helens Racing
10 Priscilla Calderon, Helens/Cannondale

Women 4
1 Alison Jones, CapoV\N Webcor
2 Erin Gunn, Catalyst Racing
3 Susan Tudor, CapoV\N Webcor
4 Jennifer Gill, South Bay Wheelmen
5 Jacqueline Dunn, , Catalyst Racing
6 Renee’ Fenstermacher South Bay Wheelmen
7 Josephine Allen G S Adams Avenue Bicycles
8 Molly Murphy Gruppo Velo
9 Christina Carranza CapoV\N Webcor
10 Angel Castillo South Bay Wheelmen

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