Tech & New Products: A Look at Champion System’s New Race Numbers

Champion System recently launched their new custom race numbers, which are made from fabric instead of old school traditional paper. The custom race numbers have been featured  at races such as the Nature Valley Grand Prix and the Cascade Cycling Classic, which started yesterday in Bend, Oregon.

According to Champion System, “We looked at traditional paper race numbers and asked “how can we use what we know best, fabrics and state-of-the-art printing, to make these better?”. The answer was right in front of our face – use fabric not paper and use the same sublimation printing we use on our custom garments. The result is a race number like you have never seen before – lightweight, comfortable, and best of all, say good-bye to having a crinkly piece of paper pinned to your jersey.”

Events have the option of ordering the race numbers with or without the Champion System logo, with a price break for including the logo.

For more information on ordering custom race numbers visit

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