Photo Gallery & Report: Carlsbad Grand Prix

This was the second year for the Carlsbad Grand Prix. The course, which was deceptively hard, overlooked the Pacific Ocean on a perfect sunny California day.

In the Pro 1/2 Men’s event, the race started out fast with riders taking off on in small breaks the first few laps which made for a fast start. These early breaks were brought back as the wind and speed were a factor for the days race.

Once the early moves were contained, the race saw some of the heavy hitters come to the front and start to make their moves. Small groups that chased down each other before came together to make a large break containing most of the teams and some of the stronger guys that would hold a consistent gap on the field throughout the rest of the race.

As the break was established, some of the riders were trying to break clear from the break. The move that had the most promise was when Shawn Wayland (Serious Cycling) made a solo attack that had the riders looking at one another for of the rest of the race to see who was going to try and bring him back. It took awhile, as he was out front for multiple laps and it looked like he might hold off the hesitant chasing break.

However, with one to go Brandon Gritters (Rokform) made the bridge and then shortly after when the break hit the last corner it was altogether again. Rahsaan Bahati (Bahati Foundation) started his sprint out of the last corner and held on for the win. This would be his second win at the Carlsbad Grand Prix for a repeat win.

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