A Look At: Specialized Red Hook Crit: Barcelona Bike Video

Specialized Industrial Designer Brian “Swiz” Szykowny applies his artistic vision to personalizing the bike and gear for the Barcelona Red Hook Crit, showing what happens when you mix three camo patterns, a whole lot of colors, and a pinch of inspiration from Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War.”

“I call it Crit Camo,” says Specialized Industrial Designer Brian “Swiz” Szykowny, describing the theme of his RHC Barcelona designs—a colorful camouflage that’s as chaotic as the race itself. “It’s confusing and it blends in with everyone else’s crazy kits, but it also doesn’t. So you’re floating in the pack [but] if your teammate needs to know where you’re at, they can spot you from a mile away.”

Watch the video and read more about this project and see the previous installments at: www.specialized.com/red-hook