William Shatner Commands a Star’s Fleet of Pedego Electric Bikes

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William Shatner Pedego Bkes

Pedego bikes zoom actor-producer and his family to fun-filled adventures

Actor-Producer William Shatner, 86, commands a star’s fleet of Pedego® electric bikes, exactly 16 of them, that take his extended family soaring down Southern California bike paths for out-of-this-world adventures.

Shatner and his wife, Liz, fell in love with electric bikes in 2012 when they became proud owners of two Pedego Interceptor bikes. Today, the Shatner family enjoys riding together on their 16 Pedego electric bikes, truly a star’s fleet full of fun.

“I treasure quality time with my family more than anything on earth — or any other planet,” Shatner said. “Electric bikes let us ride together sharing adventures. We can go as far as we want, knowing we can always get back. We can pedal or not and enjoy the scenery as the electric motor propels us along. It’s extraordinary!”

“Bill Shatner proves that age is only a number, especially when you’re riding an electric bike,” said Pedego Electric Bikes CEO and co-founder Don DiCostanzo. “We’re proud that he chose Pedego for his family and that they are sharing powerful experiences riding Pedego bikes together.”

Shatner’s fleet of 16 bikes includes a variety of models to fit every member of the family, including two Pedego Platinum Interceptors that he and Liz ride. This premium bike makes riding even more enjoyable with a deluxe 10-speed drivetrain and larger front chainring that combine to provide fluid shifting and comfortable pedaling at any speed; first-class hydraulic disk brakes that provide excellent control over speed and stopping; and a front suspension fork that allows riders to sail smoothly over bumps in the path. The Platinum Interceptor also features Pedego’s proprietary PedalSense® technology plus Pedego’s most advanced Pedal Assist System that combines torque and cadence sensors for amazing power control.

Shatner family members ride Pedego Interceptor and Comfort Cruiser bikes as well as fat-tire Trail Tracker, sleek City Commuter and rugged Ridge Rider mountain bikes.

Pedego electric bikes have 500-watt hub motors that help riders cruise distances of 20 to 60 miles without getting tired and sweaty, even when riding up hills or through headwinds. The twist-and-go throttle provides instant manual control over a bike’s speed, while Pedal Assist automatically adds power to pedaling.

William Shatner Pedego Bkes



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