Watch the Tour de France on your Mobile Device

Watch the Tour de France on Mobile Device

The Tour de France is scheduled to return to action this year. The 108th edition of the world-famous road cycling race begins on 26 June and will finish on 18 July. Part of a bumper summer of sports includes the rearranged Euro 2020 football tournament and Tokyo 2020 summer Olympics. There’s plenty for fans to look forward to following last year’s difficulties brought about by the coronavirus epidemic.

You can enjoy the Tour de France from the comfort of your own home or, weather permitting, your garden. The best sportsbooks online even allow members to profit from the action by placing bets on the Tour de France. Predict the outright winner or one of the many exciting specials that help ramp up the interest.

This article explains how you can watch the most famous of cycling’s three grand tours using your mobile phone or tablet device.

Live streaming on your device
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Live streaming on your device

The leading online sports betting companies offer members a live streaming service that allows them to watch the most significant sporting events of the year, including the Tour de France. Not all sportsbooks boast this feature. Live streaming is reserved for only the top names in the industry. If you are a fan of sports and gambling on events, you must place your bets with one of the leading bookmakers to enjoy live streaming.

The live streams available at sportsbooks are HD quality with no buffering or loading interruptions. If you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, you can follow the Tour de France anywhere in the country. Turn everyday situations like a break in the garden, rest day at home or even the commute from work into an opportunity to watch and bet on cycling.

Never again will you be forced to miss out on a thrilling stage or chance to cheer on your favorite teams and riders. Never again will you place a bet and suffer the frustration of checking a results website to see how you got on, frantically refreshing the page for updates. The legal and reliable live streams at betting apps have you covered.

Benefit from expert commentary

As well as the live streams on cycling and other major sporting events, like football, horse racing and tennis, the top bookmakers also offer several other impressive features. The live stream is accompanied by expert commentary with exciting camera angles. It’s as good as you’d expect to find on television but with the benefit of being mobile through your handheld device. Get closer to the action and fit your viewing around your daily schedule.

The live streaming tab at sportsbooks also provides updated stats, standings and commentary. It’s everything you need in one place. Watch the stars compete over various stages while following the advice of the commentary team. You’ll be up to speed with the live standings, any breaking news and more.

Benefit from expert commentary
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Bet in-play and cash-out

When watching the Tour de France on the live stream at a sportsbook app or mobile site, you’ll notice updated betting odds. You can make predictions and place bets pre-race or before each stage gets underway, but you can also bet live. Most of the pre-race betting markets remain live throughout the race, with the odds updated to reflect the current standings. It’s a real game-changer.

As a bettor, you now have an option. You can take a gamble and bet early, or you can bide your time, watch the race and gamble in-play. The latter allows you to feel how the race is going, each rider’s form and health, and the all-important weather conditions. The more you know about the race, the better your chances of bagging a profit from your bets. In-play gambling has changed the way we bet on many sports, including cycling.

The cash-out feature is another interesting one. When placing a bet on cycling, you can watch the live stream while tracking your cash-out value. The cash-out amount offered will move to reflect how well your bet is doing. A successful cash-out lands you a profit from a bet that would otherwise be a loser.

Give it a try today and enjoy this year’s Tour de France in a unique and exciting way.

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