Custom Sidi Shot for Olympic Gold Medalist Richard Carapaz

The Sidi Shot is inflamed with gold for Richard Carapaz

Richard Carapaz extraordinarily crowned his season and, to celebrate him, Sidi officially unveils an exclusive livery for its new Sidi Shot. A high-performance model, characterized by high yield in the push phase and combining lightness, comfort, and design simultaneously.

The Shot, made exclusively for Richard Carapaz, is completely white, embellished with gold details that give it an elegant and absolutely unique look. The success of this kind is something that fits the physical structure of a champion, a title that will remain forever next to his or her name, something not only memorable but eternal. In the same way, the golden color of Shot’s distinctive flame spreads across the texture of the fabric until it becomes a complete part of it.

“Scoring results like these projects athletes directly into history,’ comments Rosella Signori, ‘it’s an extraordinary achievement that completely revolutionizes your life as a cyclist and as a man. We are proud that Richard experienced this emotion with a pair of Sidi on his feet; sport is not just our job but our daily passion, and prestigious victories like these are an inspiration to us all.”Sidi’s craftsmen have worked passionately on the TechPro MicroFiber upper to create a delicate gradient effect at the base of the golden flame, dedicating the usual care and attention to the assembly of the various components that make the Shot one of the most popular shoes in both the peloton and the cycling community, such as the “C-Boost SRS” sole, which boasts a special conformation of the metatarsal area to allow greater transmission of power on the pedals, the patented “Double Tecno-3 Push Flex” rotor and the integrated heel that perfectly stabilizes and supports the foot when pedaling. The success conquered by Richard Carapaz is undoubtedly a feather in the cap for Sidi that for over sixty years has been an ambassador of Made in Italy craftsmanship, creating products tailored to champions and their ambitions.

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