Celebrate the New Year with a SoCal New Year’s Day Bike Ride

New Years Day Ride in Southern California

Southern California’s New Year’s Day

Bike Rides Bring Cyclists Together

Celebrate the New Year with a SoCal New Year’s Day Bike Ride

2023 is just around the corner and it’s time to ring in the New Year and what is a better way to ring in the New Year than with a SoCal New Year’s Day bike ride? SoCal has some of the best New Year’s Day Rides that have been a tradition with cyclists for many years.

Long Beach New Year’s Day Ride

The Long Beach New Year’s Day Ride in Long Beach has been a tradition for cyclists over the years looking to ring in the New Year.

The ride starts in Long Beach and cruises south down the PCH, picking up riders along the way expanding into a colorful pack. The Long Beach ride starts off slow and friendly and increases speed near Huntington Beach continuing south to Dana Point, at which point you can double back on PCH or head inland and loop back to the start.

If you prefer a flatter ride with coastal views and a peloton of over 600 riders, then the Long Beach New Year’s Day Ride is the place to be.

Mt. Wilson New Year’s Day Ride

The Annual Mt. Wilson New Years Day bike ride will go for the 52nd year in a row! The annual Mt. Wilson New Years Day promises to reach new heights and goes all the way to Mt Wilson. More than 100 cyclists are expected to begin their attempt to climb to the 5700′ summit that is nearly 40 miles away.

The Mt. Wilson New Year’s Day Ride will give the climbers their fix and will offer some beautiful views of the mountains.

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Photo by Jim Parkhurst

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