Pinarello Film: RISING TIDES with Mari Holden and 14-time X-Games Gold Medalist Jamie Bestwick

What is the Scuderia Pinarello and what sets it apart from other teams? RISING TIDES showcases one of the most unique aspects of the program – mentorship.

RISING TIDES looks at 4 different Athletes, Olympic Medalist Mari Holden, and BMX Legend Jamie Bestwick who reflect on their personal legacy on the sport, while 2022 Unbound 100 Champion Ethan Overson and Collegiate National Champion Cecily Decker explore what it means to look forward to the start of their careers.

Rising Tides Film

Mari Holden explained, “The thing that this film makes me reflect on is that I can still love this sport as much as I do after so many years. I’m so excited to be involved with people at the front end of their careers because I know how much they have to look forward to. When you have passion about what you do, the steps you take, and sacrifices you make, are all worth it”
“Having big goals can be scary, but focusing on taking the steps necessary, you can chip away at it, and accomplish much more than you ever thought possible”

Jamie Bestwick added, “I am nothing special. I am just a guy who grew up in England, failed at school, and worked in construction and in a factory, but I never gave up on my dream to be a professional cyclist. It took 12 years and I loved every moment of it and when that goal was achieved, I set new goals and worked through the process of achieving them. It was a life-changing journey of personal growth!

“This project really helped me remember my own path and I remember the excitement and passion for getting on my bike every day and being a part of a community. Listening to Cecily and Ethan speak about how they want to shape their journey and their goals was something that I can relate to.”

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