Interbike Creates The LAB

Interbike, the largest bicycle industry trade show in North America, today announced an exciting new addition to their 2012 floor plan called The LAB. In an effort to drive traffic to the street level of the show, The LAB was designed to feature today’s cutting edge and most innovative products from new and existing vendors. Additionally, The LAB will have a consistent number of activities going on at any given time, including:

• Custom Builder Display Area: NEW for 2012
• Fashion Shows: TWICE as many shows for 2011
• Food Options: MORE variety and spacious seating
• Circulus: BACK by popular demand
• The Demo Track and The eTrack: Indoor bike testing
• Education: ALL educational presentations and seminars

“According to our post-show surveys, one of the top reasons retailers come to Interbike is to find that new and different product to sell,” said Pat Hus, Interbike’s managing director. “The LAB was designed to offer that and more. The educational content will be expanded as we host on-floor seminars on the fashion show stage in-between shows. We want to encourage retailers to spend time in The LAB and take advantage of all of the new and enhanced offerings at the 2012 show.”

By having many of the newer products and brands in The LAB, attendees will be able to save time by visiting one dedicated section. Feedback from previous years’ shows told Interbike staff that newer brands and products had a difficult time attracting attention when they were mixed in with the general exhibitor population. Combining The LAB with several events like the mini-velodrome Circulus will enhance the show experience for exhibitors and manufacturers.

“We’re super excited to be back at Interbike with Circulus,” said Jeff Frane, sales and marketing manager of All City Cycles and sponsor of Circulus. “PDW passed stewardship of the track to us and we intend to do it up bigger and badder this year. It’s a chance to show every single attendee a good time and an experience (zooming around on a ridiculous track) that they’ll remember for a long time to come.”

A new addition to Interbike this year is the Custom Builder exhibit. The exhibit will be displayed in a main thoroughfare of The LAB, bringing the artistic and grassroots soul of bicycling to the forefront of the bicycle industry. Nearby, attendees will find the ARTCRANK traveling poster show selling limited edition posters for the second year in a row.

Adjacent to The LAB will be the Health+Fitness Business Expo (HFB). HFB is the leading fitness retail and light commercial trade show in North America. Retailers will see the latest products from leading fitness manufacturers and learn how fitness equipment can become an additional revenue stream for IBD’s in the winter months.

Also taking place in The LAB will be two fashion shows, a demo area, and the eTrack electric bike test track. Fashion show details will be available soon but Interbike staff is aiming towards an Urban and Sportswear themed show. The eTrack will again be sponsored by the Light Electric Vehicle Association and will allow attendees to test the latest products from manufacturers. Pro-tec will be the official helmet sponsor of the demo area, where bikes can be tested in the building.

Attendees will notice several compelling on-floor educational seminars that will take place in the fashion show stage area in-between shows. They will also enjoy a greater variety of food options and more places to sit than in previous years. The Pub will offer fast food such as pizza, burgers and beer, while The Café will offer a healthy alternative including a salad bar, sushi, sandwiches and a baked potato bar.

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