A Look at Broken Bones Bicycle Company’s Fracture

When Broken Bones Bicycle Company launches officially at Interbike this week, it will do so with its flagship Fracture frame and Real Bike Technology (RBT).

What is RBT? It’s the difference between a bike designed for racing and an ultra-light prima donna that spends more time being polished than ridden. RBT means the Fracture offers better handling, cornering, comfort and performance than a bike aiming solely at weight. You want to save 10 ounces? Give your waterbottle a couple of good squeezes before the climb. Or, better yet, ease off the jelly donuts. But don’t sacrifice performance.

The Fracture is available in two versions — with an integrated seat post (ISP) or with a standard seatpost — and five sizes: 49cm, 51cm, 53cm, 55cm and 58cm. Both versions of the frame feature a tapered, full-carbon steerer tube for smooth, confident handling in the corners, oversized chainstays to maximize power transfer and specially tuned seatstays to help keep all-day rides from being a literal pain in the butt.

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In order to maximize performance, Broken Bones has partnered with Hawk Racing to give you the most bang for your buck. The ride quality of a bicycle is 65% in its moving parts — the hubs, derailleur pulleys and bottom bracket. Hawk Racing uses its proprietary, patent-pending Folmer Technology to create bearings that spin smoother, weigh less and last longer than anything else on the market — including costly ceramics.

The combination of Broken Bones’ RBT and Hawk Racing upgrades means the Fracture won’t let you down when you’re in the heat of battle and need every advantage you can get. How do we know? Because it was tested during under the Wonderful Pistachios Pro Cycling Team during the 2012 season. Riders at both ends of the size spectrum — from 6-foot-4, 180-pound Sterling Magnell to 140-pound, Cuban national champion Yosvany Falcon — put the Fracture through its paces and returned nothing but rave reviews.

The Fracture will be available in three builds: The team-issue version, which includes color-matched Microshift components, a Ridea crank and TRP brakes, for $3,100 retail; a Shimano Ultegra-equipped version for $4,300 retail, and a Shimano Dura-Ace-equipped version for $5,425 retail. Stock wheels can be upgraded to Hawk 50mm carbon clinchers for an additional $950.

To see the bikes, wheels and build options, visit brokenbonesbicycles.com. If you’re a dealer interested in carrying the Broken Bones lineup, be sure to visit them at Interbike — they’ll have their team truck right inside the front door.

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