Empire Bikes Celebrates Grand Opening this Weekend

Empire Bikes recently opened a new bike shop located in Chino Hills and will be celebrating with their Grand Opening Sale this weekend. Empire Bikes Partner, Rock Sanchez, tells us more about Empire Bikes and how they look  forward to working with the cycling community.

A few months ago, with the help of many dedicated cyclists and some of the best people in and outside the bike industry, a project to create a new kind of bike shop in Southern California began. As it was being developed and conceptualized, we knew we weren’t aiming for a small shop that would later grow into something bigger, but rather to make Empire Bikes a major player right from the start.

We want the shop to welcome all riders, and to help everyone from the pro tri-athlete to the entry level cyclist, and everyone in between. We know first hand what it’s like to start from scratch, and understand how confusing it is with all the products and technology out there, and how tough it can be separating what’s trendy from what’s going to function best in the long run. With so much information available it can be overwhelming to know where the best investment of your time and money is. We understand completely what quality is and have spent the hours in the saddle to truly appreciate the differences in components, frames, and gear. This helps us help you!

We at Empire Bikes have been riding for years, and have focused countless hours on how to go fast effectively. We’ve obsessed over all the angles of how equipment and training affect speed. While there is no one solution for everyone, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about human performance, equipment, and making a bike go fast!

We carry some of the best bikes in the world, and are willing to compare any bike at a similar price to prove that you will enjoy the ride quality of an Empire bike over anything else there is. We are confident enough in our product to take the challenge.

Obviously, we love to ride and want you to ride, too! If you already have a bike and need it working at its best, we have the experience to make it ride better than when it was new. We don’t stock every bike, and we understand that you may have gotten your bike elsewhere, and you know what? That’s perfectly ok! We can still help you with parts, service, nutrition, gear, and personal referrals!

What makes us different? We understand better than anyone what quality represents; we’ve been around and worked on some of the best bikes in the industry, developing unsurpassed levels of service in the process. More importantly, we want you to have a good time out there! We want you to be a better rider, and we’re willing to spend the time with you to help you achieve that. Remember the first time you got on a bike, it wasn’t to be the fastest ever, it was to have fun! As the shop was being developed we made having fun an absolute priority. As it turns out we’ve surrounded ourselves with a lot of riders who seem to share that outlook. We all enjoy good music, a great environment, tasty food, fast bikes, and, of course, tons of fun! Come in today, meet the crew, and get on a new bike to achieve all your fitness goals!

Be sure to check out Empire Bikes web site  for more information on the shop or to learn more about their weekly rides and events. 

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