Product Review: RockyMounts Hendrix Bike Lock

RockyMounts Hendrix Folding Bike Lock

The RockyMounts Hendrix is a Sleek Ergonomically Designed Folding Bike Lock

RockyMounts, who is well known for their bike racks and bike mounts, has also ventured into also making a line of bike locks including U-locks, folding locks, chain locks and cable locks. put the RockyMounts Hendrix folding lock to the test.

The first thing that impressed me the most with the RockyMounts Hendrix lock was its compact design. With bike theft on the rise, even going down to your local Starbucks can be a potential risk as thieves have become savvy to high end bikes and their value. Just leaning your bike against the wall and stepping inside to order your favorite beverage can lead to an opportunity for someone to snatch your precious bike.

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I’ve had a couple of bikes stolen and it’s not a good feeling when you come out and are wondering if someone was playing a joke on you, only to have that blank feeling of “damn, someone just made off with my ride”.

Carrying a RockyMounts Hendrix lock should be second nature like having a helmet on your head. Since the RockyMounts Hendrix lock is so compact it is easy to carry it with you for when you want have to stop to enjoy your favorite beverage or run errands on your ride.

Not only is the RockyMounts Hendrix lock small and compact, but it is also sturdily built with a security Rating of 7. In addition, the RockyMounts Hendrix lock is a fantastic deterrent for a would be thief that is eyeing your bicycle.

The RockyMounts Hendrix is so compact that it will fit in your pocket, jersey pocket or backpack if your a commuter. It also has its own case that can be installed on your bottle cage mounts.

The RockyMounts Hendrix has hardened 3 mm thick rubber coated steel plates,which helps protect against damaging your bike. The plates unfold from its compact design and extend 27 inches. However, you only get about half that length once you wrap it around a pole or object to secure your bike. The RockyMounts Hendrix unique shape allows for more versatility over your more common U-shaped locks. In addition, the U-shaped locks are heavier.

Also, one of the cool features of the lock is that it has a spring loaded engagement for easy opening and locking. In addition, the RockyMounts Hendrix comes with three keys and a water bottle cage mounting bracket.

Definitely take a look at the RockyMounts Hendrix, if your in the market for a versatile lock that fits the needs of today’s cyclist.

The RockyMounts Hendrix folding lock retails for $69.95 and can be purchased online and at Southern California Bike Shops.

Product Review by Frank Sarate,

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