Video: Cycling Triumphs – Como Street Ride Celebrates Annual Champions at Roger’s Cup

The Como Street Roger's Cup has been held every year  in December since the 70's to pay tribute to riders from the peloton that have passed away and are no longer able to enjoy the ride with us.

The Como Street Ride is one of SoCal’s most legendary and long standing bicycle training rides where riders can meet up and test their fitness every Sunday in Orange County. Como Street Ride was created in in 1958 by Franz Berghammer. The ride has been going strong ever since with new generations of cyclists coming out to drop the hammer and test their fitness.

We first began doing Como Street in 1987 when the route was more rural and all of the new developments that are their today in Irvine were not present. Although the route has changed somewhat over the years, the vibe on the ride was always fun. The ride was a great workout and we always enjoyed the post ride coffee at Tustin Market place (where the ride starts) and the ride with friends down to the beach afterwards for extra training miles. Back in the day there were two start times, with Old Man Como leaving at 8:00 am, which offered a friendly, slower pace, and the faster version of Como Street which rolled out at 8:30. Now the ride starts at 8:00 am.

Como Street Long Course


Como Street Roger’s Cup

The Como Street Roger’s Cup has been held every year  in December since the 70’s to pay tribute to riders from the peloton that have passed away and are no longer able to enjoy the ride with us. The Roger’s Cup covers the long Como  Street route which goes up the steep “Wall” in Live Oak Canyon before hanging a sharp right at Cook’s Corner and then heads into the fast and rolling Santiago Canyon.

Despite the Roger’s Cup being held in December, riders have been known to peak for the prestigious Title and honor to hang on to “The Cup” for an entire year until the next  Roger’s Cup.

This year, going into the finish National Champion Luke Fetzer (Hot Tubes) started his sprint early with a powerful jump on the lead group. Ultimately, Cory Williams (L39ion of Los Angeles) closed the gap from behind and took the sprint and “The Cup” for the Pro 1, 2 category.

Cory Williams takes the win from a sprint finish. Photo -Tom Bicksler

A Good Fitness Test for the Upcoming SoCal Road Racing Season

With the SoCal Road Racing Calendar of events officially getting under way on January 21 at the CBR #1 Criterium, the Roger’s Cup is a good way for the riders to test their fitness level and see where the competition is at.

While some riders had fresh and rested legs, other riders had tired legs from long base miles and heavy weights, and some riders may have been flying under the radar just to scope out the competition, we will have to wait to see how the off-season training paid off for everyone once the real racing begins.

Video of the 2023 Como Street Roger’s Cup, By Cory Williams

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