US Cup To Withdraw USA Cycling Sanctioning for Future Events

R. Scott Tedro, owner of Sho-Air International and The US Cup, announces that effective immediately, the US Cup will withdraw any USAC sanctioning for all future events. In addition, the US Cup will no longer sponsor or subsidize other promoters whose events are sanctioned with USAC. Over the last eight years, the US Cup has promoted and or subsidized over 110 USAC-sanctioned Mountain Biking events, by far more than any other promoter in the US.

The move comes on the heels of USAC’s ambiguous stance and continued blame of the UCI for the possible enforcement of rule 1.2.019, which prohibits licensed pro and amateur riders from racing in non-USAC sanctioned events starting in 2014. Tedro believes that this is nothing more than an attempt to force promoters to sanction with the USAC, enabling them to increase revenues and bolster their power over the sport while continuing to deliver an inferior product. Tedro also states that the numerous and continued inconsistencies and ever-changing priorities over the years in USAC policy and procedure, including their lack of support and management for their own series the PRO XCT and PRO UET, while placing the sole cost on the promoter, has become counterproductive to the product which the US Cup wishes to endorse.

Tedro said, “We would rather concentrate our investment and our partners’ sponsorship dollars on the event itself without the burden of USAC priorities or needs, which quite often have nothing to do with the paying customer… the riders and their families.”

Tedro explains that the Sho-Air / Cannondale team members will not boycott USAC-sanctioned races, but are free to choose the racing calendar most beneficial to them. “The riders are free to choose their calendar, as they should regardless to the position taken by Tedro with USAC.

We want to provide tangible benefits back to the customer rather than subsidizing USAC’s aim to qualify the maximum number of riders to the Olympics at the sole expense of the promoters and the paying participants. We don’t feel compelled to support the USAC for its two series, the PRO XCT and PRO UET when they refuse to mitigate costs, promote the series or enforce proper course set up and on-site management. In fact, they don’t even send a full USAC officiating crew to ensure a consistent manage- ment and feel for the events.”

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