Training: You might be an off-season cyclist if: By Tom Soladay

Your massage stick hurts because it’s pulling the hair on your legs.
You don’t know when to shower anymore.
You are one of a thousand experts on every group ride.
You started walking places.
You make time for other peoples interests.
You just finished spring cleaning.
You are looking to replace gear that worked fine all season long.
You are motivated.
You eat continuously or you bonk.
You finish feeling sick, not hungry.
You feel that someone changed your bike position without your consent.
You hope you got a head start on your competition.
You have renewed sympathy and are now waving to other cyclists.
Your hopes and dreams are once again intact.
You love your bicycle and where it can take you.

By Tom Soladay

Tom Soladay is a professional cyclist with the Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies cycling team and a USA Cycling Certified Coach. He lives in Los Angeles, CA and is the Founder of Beyond Intervals Coaching. He is currently preparing for his 7th consecutive year on a UCI registered team. He offers FREE consultations via the phone or bike ride. You can find out more by visiting  or emailing [email protected]

Photo: Copyright 2013 Sam Wiebe

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