Tech & New Products: SUGOI Live Art Program

SUGOI is a high end cycling clothing company based in British Columbia, Canada that has raised the bar when it comes to working with the Clubs and Teams to get their designs to print and in production with a hassle free approach.

SUGOI’s Live Art program allows you to share computer screens with their designer while on video or audio conference to design one of a kind apparel for your Team or Club. If you’re not a graphic designer (as most people aren’t), the SUGOI Live Art program is the way to go if you’re in a hurry and want creative input.

Placing your clothing order with SUGOI is easy with the following steps:

  • Start off with creating a customer order with SUGOI.
  • Collect the artwork from your sponsors and send them to SUGOI via email.
  • The SUGOI art department will create a proof based on the customers feedback.
  • SUGOI will send over a proof based on your instructions.
  • Once SUGOI confirms a time for the Live Art session, you can then make revisions based off the proof. These changes can be anything from color changes to logo changes or any design changes that need to be completed before approving the artwork.

This one hour Live Art session cuts down the time of the design process, which could normally take weeks to complete by going back and forth to approve the design before going into production.

[SlideDeck2 id=12713]


We used the Screen Sharing web site for the Live Art session to finalize our clothing design. It’s a very cool process, as you just take the call, then click on the link to see what the graphic designer has on their display and voilà it’s time to rock and roll.

Live Art Direct is very easy to use and pretty cool that you get hands on help with the graphic design of your team clothing. I can’t think of any other clothing company using this type of technology with clients as of yet. However, I expect to see other companies following suit.

So, if you want to simplify the way you get your Club or Team’s gear done with very little effort, give SUGOI a call for more info. is excited to be working with SUGOI for our Team and Club apparel for 2014. Check back soon for the announcement of our 2014 Elite Team roster and sponsors.

By Frank Sarate,

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