Video: CBR’s SoCal Cup Bicycle Race # 2 – Pro Men’s Race

Watch the final laps of the Pro 1/2 Men’s race unfold at CBR’s USA Cycling’s SoCal Cup Bicycle Race # 2. Justin Williams takes the win ahead of brother Corey Williams in 2nd and Charon Smith for 3rd in a chaotic sprint that provoked a raise of the arm in protest at the end! It’s all good!

View the result highlights below the video.

Full Results

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Photo © Frank Sarate /

Video by Mathew Merrington


Pro 1-3
1st Justin Williams
2nd Cory Williams
3rd Charon Smith
4th Fabrizio VonNacher
5th Dave Santos

Cat 3
1st Ronnie Toth
2nd David Miller
3rd Jose Reyes
4th Jordan Zhdanov
5th Raphael Oliveira

Cat 4
1st Cameron Khoury
2nd Thomas Adamson
3rd Matt Gevrikyan
4th Felipe Castillo
5th Mike Miranda

Women 3/4
1st: Melissa Khare
2nd Deanna Ratnikova
3rd Melissa Paris
4th Katie Araujo
5th Riley Nguyen

Women 1-3
1st Joy McCulloch
2nd Meg Hendricks
3rd Suzanne Sonye
4th Rebecca Siegel
5th Colleen Gulick

Masters 35+ 1-3 A
1st Derek Brauch
2nd Patrick Bos
3rd Jonathan Davy
4th Kirk Bausch
5th Rigo Cruz

Masters 35+ B
1st Charon Smith
2nd Dustin Armstrong
3rd Aaron Wimberley
4th Danny Kam
5th Max Hernadez

Masters 45+
1st Craig Miller
2nd Sctt Cochran
3rd Bart Clifford
4th John Slover
5th Frank Velasquez

Masters 50+
1st Frank Schroeder
2nd Dave Prechtl
3rd Craig Miller
4th Ted Rupp
5th Kevin Kruger

Masters 55+
1st Malcolm Hill
2nd Glen Winkel
3rd Dave Fetah
4th John Bergman
5th Ed Marcelo

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