Cannondale Debuts 2013 OverMountain Products Including the New Trigger

Cannondale recently debuted a new approach to its OverMountain product category segmentation. Split into three groups, Big-Mountain, All-Mountain and Cross-Mountain, the Cannondale OverMountain segment of bikes are specifically designed to be used across a broad range of terrain, fitting the unique styles of the OverMountain rider.

“Cannondale OverMountain bikes are dual-travel, dual-geometry, two-bikes-in-one superbikes that are designed to take all mountain riding to the next level,” said Bob Burbank, Global General Manager, Cannondale. “Based on frame design, travel, geometry, shock response, and specifications, we’ve further defined the OverMountain category to create bikes that will cater to the specific needs of all OverMountain riders.”

Big-Mountain: The Big-Mountain rider is an aggressive downhiller who climbs to explore new descents and doesn’t want to be limited to just the bike park. These bikes have burly components, slacker and stable geometry.  With a travel range of 160 to 190mm the bikes are designed for aggressive descending. The bike of choice for this category is the Cannondale Claymore.  The Claymore is a big travel bike for descending that’s also designed to climb due to adjustable travel and geometry.

All-Mountain: Technically skilled and aerobically fit, the All-Mountain rider wants to climb fast and descend even faster. This category includes Enduro and Super D racers, and fast, aggressive trail riders. The bike of choice for this category is the Cannondale Jekyll or Jekyll MX (new for 2013). The Jekyll is the most versatile bike on the mountain and is built for more aggressive descending but can hold its own with shorter travel bikes on trails and climbs.  The Jekyll MX is the Enduro racer’s Jekyll, based on OverMountain team spec.

Cross-Mountain: The Cross-Mountain rider enjoys pushing the pace on the climbs and is skilled at descending and picking fluid lines. Cannondale Cross-Mountain bikes are the ideal blend of explosive acceleration and agile handling with descending prowess. The bike of choice for this category is the Trigger. New for 2013, the Trigger is the Jekyll’s speedy little brother with cross-country speed and all-mountain capabilities. With 120mm/70mm adjustable travel and a slightly longer, lower riding position, the Trigger is sharper on cross-country single track and climbs, but is still fully capable of shredding the hillside.

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The dual-nature of the OverMountain bikes can be attributed to the DYAD RT2, which has two different shocks housed in one body. It is the first shock to offer two completely different travels along with unique spring rates and damping circuits.

“We’re thrilled to add the Jekyll MX and the Trigger to the Cannondale OverMountain line-up,” said Burbank. “With the Trigger now covering the Cross-Mountain segment, we were able to position the Jekyll and Claymore more towards the aggressive end of the spectrum, creating bikes specifically designed for the unique segments of the OverMountain category.”

To take a closer look at the event and products,  checkout the OverMountain video with Mark Weir, Jerome Clementz and Aaron Chase.

More information on Cannondale line of OverMountain products can be found at

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