Fast Tours Cycling Presents the Temecula Spandex Stampede Cycling GranFundo

Temecula-based Fast Tours is proud to present the first annual Temecula Spandex Stampede Cycling GranFundo, Sunday, November 8 at Lorimar Winery.

Born in the spirit of good times, the Spandex Stampede will provide an unforgettable experience to attendees as they traverse the rolling hills of Temecula alongside an all-star list of professional cyclists and motocross athletes.

“The Spandex Stampede is a FUNdo, not a fondo,” says Jon Hornbeck, owner of Fast Tours Cycling and professional cyclist for Hincapie Racing. “Our goal for this event is to create a fun, exciting atmosphere where cyclists of all levels and disciplines can get together and ride through Temecula’s very own wine country. The Stampede is about good times with good people, both on and off the bike, and we’re excited to offer that up to anyone who wants to join.”

Friendly for all cyclists, there will be two routes available for riders; 100- kilometer and 50-kilometer distances, through Temecula’s rolling hills. Designed to be enjoyable. The Spandex Stampede puts fun at the forefront over a long grueling day in the saddle.

Conceived by Jon Hornbeck, the FUNdo will not only draw pure cyclists, but also those involved in the motocross community. “I spent many years racing motocross, but ultimately gave it up to later pursue cycling,” states Hornbeck. “It was important to me to create an event revolving around off-season fun, for both cyclists and moto athletes. The Stampede is ideal for that. We’ve even set up a King of the Mountain award in the moto category to create some friendly rivalry amongst our VIP guests.”

In addition to the KOM Best Moto category, there will also be a KOM challenge in the 100km division for best male, best female, and best high-school participant. “As a coach of many high-school cyclists, I see momentum gaining within the high-school leagues,” adds Hornbeck. “This is a great opportunity for the younger generation to compete with their friends, while logging some great base training hours leading into their season.”

Fast Tours is also proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to the Road 2 Recovery Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping AMA-licensed professional motocross and supercross rider, and action-sports athletes with financial assistance if they sustain career-ending injuries. “Personally, I’m really excited about this event and the fact that it blends the moto and cycling communities—both of which I have tremendous respect for,” says Road 2 Recovery founder Jimmy Button. “We’re honored to be the beneficiary for this event, and couldn’t be more excited to join in on the fun.”

Hosted at beautiful Lorimar Vineyards & Winery, riders will be treated to lunch, and enjoy wine, live music, raffles, and award ceremonies in addition to a complimentary yoga session at the event expo. “We couldn’t be happier about having Lorimar as our backdrop,” adds Hornbeck. “Cyclists love wine and want to have a great area to relax after the ride, and we’re grateful that Lorimar will graciously supply this type of environment for us.”

There will be a 9:00 a.m. rollout for the 100 km group, followed by the 50 km group at 9:15.

For more information on the Temecula Spandex Stampede Cycling GranFUNdo check out You can also log-on at To register now, head to The event is capped at 350; pre-registration is recommended.

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