Video: Group of Fixie Riders Steal from Market in Los Angeles

Fixie Riders Steal from Market in Los Angeles

Patrick Healy and NBC News Los Angeles exposed a group of fixie riders that swarmed a small market in Downtown LA. While some riders paid for merchandise,  many riders decided to steal merchandise instead of buying it. Some of the riders had backpacks and were caught on video stuffing their backpacks with food and drinks off the shelf and then rode off without paying.

The robbery took place at 1:30 pm on Sunday at the market in Pico Union on Union Avenue and 12th Street with an estimated $ 3,000 in merchandise stolen. The Los Angeles Police Department has opened a grand theft investigation.

It is unfortunate that the riders who stole merchandise chose to disrespect a business owner that works hard and contributes to his community. These riders do not represent cycling and most cyclists.