Sisterhood of Cycling Team and Club Partners with Rock N’ Road Cyclery

Sisterhood of Cycling Team and Club (SOC) are excited to announce that they have joined in a formal relationship with Rock N’ Road for the 2015 race year.  Beginning in January 2015, Rock N’ Road, a Southern California based company is the official bike shop sponsor for the Sisterhood of Cycling, a cycling team & club dedicated to women’s cycling at all levels.

“The mission of our organization is to empower women on and off the bike.  We pride ourselves on working with best-in-class partners to support the women in our cycling team and club on the road, off-road, and on the track.   Along with the Rodarti Group, and Webcor, Rock N’ Road has partnered with SOC to support its riders in their mission to further the awareness of and participation in women’s cycling in California at all levels.  Rock N’ Road, a bike shop prevalent in the cycling community in Orange Country with 4 stores, has a complete selection of bikes, products and services, and creates a comfortable, welcoming environment for the female customer,” says Jenna Peebles, Co-founder, SOC.

Commenting on the partnership, Matt Ford, Owner Rock N’ Road said, “Rock N’ Road is excited to support the SOC for 2015. This club/team exemplifies the essence of the women’s movement in the cycling community.  Leah & Jenna have a program that supports the recreational rider, the elite racer, and those in between. The club provides a platform to introduce women to the sport while the team roster has a mix of state, national and world champions!  This is quite unique and very cool to see. Rock N Road is excited to see more women riding, racing, and being passionate about the sport. SOC has been a proven leader in this area. Our goal is that the partnership will allow SOC to grow even further ultimately growing the sport and women’s cycling.”

“After meeting with Matt and Meredith Ford, we couldn’t have been more excited about the passion and support they shared with us regarding women’s cycling. It was extremely important to us that we partner with a bike shop that recognizes the female cyclist and supports the growth of women’s cycling,” says Leah Rodarti, Founder, SOC.

Stay Posted for more exciting team news to come – as the 2015 Sisterhood of Cycling team looks forward to a great racing season.

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