Product Review: Smith PivLock Arena Sunglasses

The Smith PivLock Arena sunglasses are made for the person looking for genuine benefits in performance and function.  After two years of experience using the Smith PivLock Arenas for countless of hours on the bike I find its lightweight, wide peripheral view, and adjustable nose piece to be the glasses key features.

The glasses lightweight and amazing field of view is due to its simplistic build that leaves out a top and bottom frame piece.  Instead, the glasses have a single large lens that is aerodynamic with great coverage.  This feature really comes in handy when in the drops or in a very aggressive position, because it gives you a wider peripheral when your head is tucked and low.

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A bigger lens might be good for vision, but doesn’t that mean they will constantly get foggy?  Wrong.  The Smith PivLock Arena nose piece is adjustable which can serve as a dual purpose in fitting every face shape as well as preventing fogged up sunglasses.  This allows a closer fit for maximum wind protection when at faster speeds and a taller fit for hot weather or stop and go red lights.

Lastly, if you’re like me you can appreciate the extra goodies that are included.  The Smith PivLock Arenas come conveniently with two extra lenses, which can be changed in a matter of seconds by pivoting both temple pieces for a quick change.  This is an amazing value, because each additional lens cost $40 on the Smith Optics website.  At a retail price of $159, the Smith PivLock Arenas have all the quality features a great piece of eyewear should have with room in the pocket for many mid-ride coffee stops.

To look at the 12 different color ways and for detailed specs on the Smith PivLock Arena Sunglasses please visit

The Smith PivLock Arena Sunglasses can be purchased at Coates Cyclery.

Review by Josh Ruiz, Team


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