Cannondale Strikes a Whole New Balance of Power with the New SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD

Cannondale, a premium brand of Cycling Sports Group, part of Dorel Industries, Inc., recently unveiled its vision of the ultimate in pure road racing performance – the all-new SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD. With its precisely optimized balance of explosive stiffness, road-smoothing compliance, pin-point handling, efficient aerodynamics and ultralight weight, the all-new EVO is engineered to give racers that winning edge over every part of the course, from the start-line all the way through the finishing sprint.

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“We’re not content to make bikes that excel in just one or two aspects of the racing experience,” said Scott Rittschof, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cannondale. “We want the whole enchilada. We’re focused, or maybe even obsessed, with creating the all-around best racing machines in the world and to do that, you need balance. We want to push the boundaries with each of the elements, but in a way that no part overshadows another and everything is in harmony. That’s the secret to ultimate performance.”

To create the most advanced, most well-rounded race bike ever made, Cannondale’s engineers took every aspect of the race-winning performance of the original SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD – a bike so impressive, it was named “Best Bike in the World”- and supercharged it. The new EVO Hi-MOD has more explosive acceleration, thanks to an all-new BallisTec Carbon frame that is 11% stiffer at the BB and 12% stiffer at the head tube.

A redesigned SPEED SAVE Micro-Suspension system delivers 15% more compliance from the frame and 21% more from the fork for unreal cornering speed, comfort and control.

Subtle TAP (Truncated Aero Profile) tube shapes in the frame and fork reduce drag and improve aero efficiency for faster speeds in the flats and on breakaways, while Cannondale’s System Integration approach to bike design yields a system weight that is over 60 grams lighter than the previous EVO and up to hundreds of grams lighter than the competition.

Every aspect is improved. Every facet optimized. And all in perfect balance. It all adds up to the best climbing, descending, sprinting, attacking, all-around-from-starting-gun-to-finish-line race bike ever made. It is a Whole New Balance of Power.

The SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD will be available in seven models.

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