MARINONI: The Fire in the Frame Film Premieres in Los Angeles Today

First Run Features Presents the Los Angeles Premiere of MARINONI: The Fire in the Frame 

at the Laemmle Monica Film Center on April 15

MARINONI: The Fire in the Frame, a new film by Canadian filmmaker Tony Girardin was a Top 10 favorite at Hot Docs, North America’s largest documentary festival, and has been touring non-stop as part of an ongoing, record-breaking run for a Canadian documentary. First Run Features will release the film beginning April 15 in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Monica Film Center in Santa Monica.  Director Tony Girardin will be present for several shows on opening weekend.

MARINONI: The Fire in the Frame tells the story of cycling icon Giuseppe Marinoni, who found his calling when he transitioned from champion racer to master bike craftsman.

Born in Italy in 1937, Marinoni was a champion cyclist as a young man. In 1965, he was invited to Canada to participate in a race, and after meeting the love of his life, decided to stay in Canada for good, where he dominated competitive cycling for years.

When his racing career came to a natural end, Marinoni started tailoring fine steel bicycle frames from his shop in Montreal, Canada, where he has been perfecting his craft for over 40 years, earning him cult status in the world of cycling.

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After years hunched over toxic fumes, Marinoni’s passion for building bikes almost killed him. Upon doctor’s orders, Marinoni has gotten back into peak physical shape, now averaging 250 miles a week on his bike. At age 75, once again feeling his competitive spirit, he attempts to beat the world hour record for his age group, all on a bike he built with his own hands almost 40 years ago.

Very few have actually known much about the eccentric man himself, until Montreal filmmaker Tony Girardin, determined to get Marinoni’s story on film, spent three years convincing Guiseppe to participate. Girardin recalls, “It was like luring a mythical creature from its den, and being lucky enough to have a camera on hand to capture it.”

MARINONI: The Fire in the Frame is a fascinating look at a craftsman who still works in the traditional and time honored trade of frame builder, but more importantly, it’s a story of passion and perseverance which confirms that every person’s reach can exceed their grasp, no matter their age.

The film also reveals the man-of-steel’s sensitive side when he reunites with one of Canada’s greatest cyclist, Jocelyn Lovell, whose career ended when he was hit by a truck and paralyzed during a training ride. Marinoni built Lovell’s Commonwealth Games record-setting track bike, and now that Lovell has returned it to him as a show of gratitude, decided that he would use this bike in his world record attempt.

The film follows Marinoni as he travels to Toronto to visit Jocelyn Lovell; incredibly, the first time the two men come face-to-face since Lovell’s accident, as well as to Italy through the build up to the ultimately successful record ride. We see a different man once Marinoni arrives back in his birth country, and in his hometown of Rovetta, where Girardin films him interacting with relatives and visiting local landmarks, including the cemetery where he contemplates leaving some of his ashes.

The film features other notables in the cycling world including Ernesto Colnago, Mario Rossin, Francesco Moser, Paolo Savoldelli, Attilio Rota and Giuseppe Guerini.

Catch the Marinoni Movie opening April 15th, for one week only, at Laemmle Monica Film Center (1332 2nd street), with Q&A with the filmmaker at all shows.

Tony Girardin began his film career during last year of business school, when a professor offered the option of producing a film instead of writing a paper. This unseen turn led to an extensive corporate film career, of producing documentaries, and after years of refining his craft, becoming a documentary filmmaker. He has been nominated for some of Canada’s top honours, including a Juno award and three Canadian Screen Awards.

MARINONI: The Fire in the Frame
Produced and Directed by Tony Girardin
87 minutes
English, French and Italian
Co-Produced by Noah Couture-Glassco
Music by Alexander Hackett
Story Advisor Tom Peacock
Mixed by Jean Vanhaelen
Associate Producer Mark Westberg

“Terrific doc.” – NOW TORONTO
“Incredibly entertaining.” – TORONTO FILM SCENE
“Deeply moving.” – TORONTO STAR
“A true crowd pleaser.” – POV MAGAZINE
“A fascinating portrait of a man who has a passion not just for cycling, but for life.”

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