HUNKR – Orange County Brings 100 Kilometer Bicycle Racing to Orange County on March 18th


A HUNKR is a 100 kilometer bicycle race.

HUNKR event organizers explained, “Our number one goal is to grow competitive cycling. Here’s how we plan to do it:

Mass start means all racers will be staged based on their projected finishing time, and will start together. This format allows for a shared experience. Drive together, start together, finish about the same time and hang out afterwards together.

We ardently believe racing a set distance of 100k will bring in new competitors by providing an opportunity to race against others as well as racing towards a personal time goal.

Our courses are close to population centers, and feature beautiful terrain. Iconic roads and paths play a big part in course set up.

While not closed to traffic, the courses are designed so the racers will never have to stop. Whenever possible, stop signs and signals will be open so racers can go for their PR (personal record). Sometimes this may only be the case for the lead group, or if traffic is controlled, the officer may choose to let traffic rather than a lagging cyclist go through.

Prize money, a sizable purse, is important to what we want to accomplish. Currently, there is little opportunity to make a living as a professional cyclist. Having a HUNKR series that spans the globe and arcs the calendar is our take on how to grow the professional side of the sport. Prize money also creates a spectacle in and of itself that will draw media attention to HUNKRs and the sport in general.

Racers under 23 race free. Let’s make it as easy as possible for youth to get started racing bicycles – free entry is a first step we are taking towards a strong future, and growing sport.”

For more information and to register for HUNKR please visit

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