LUX / Sideshow Cycling Team Announces 2019 Roster

LUX / Sideshow Cycling Team

Building Upon Existing Success

As the season heads into the winter break, the LUX / Sideshow Cycling Team has shared its line-up for 2019. The composition of the men’s and women’s teams were carefully selected to build upon the Team’s past success focusing on teamwork, talent and overall positivity. The LUX / Sideshow Cycling Team has announced seven new riders to the LUX family: Kyle Chromy, Luke Lamperti, Michael Garrison, Seth Callahan, Kayla Hankins, Gabrielle Lehnert and Maddie Woolley.

New to the Men’s Team

Returning to the  LUX / Sideshow Men’s Team will be current 17-18 National Road Champion Quinn Simmons, National Championship 15-16 Time Trial silver medalist Matthew Riccitello, National Championship 15-16 Road Race silver medalist Jared Scott and National Championship 15-16 double bronze medalist (TT and RR) Logan McLain, as well as workhorses Nolan Jenkins, and Gianni Lamperti.

New to the Women’s Team

The LUX / Sideshow Women’s Team overall success in 2018 was due in large part to the efforts and development of our junior women. Returning to the Women’s team will be National Championship road race silver medalist Jane Tullis, 1st place US National Cyclocross Champion Petra Schmidtmann, and 1st Overall and 3 stage winner of the Tour of Americas Dairylands Ava Sykes. Melody McLeod will be rejoining our new season after battling an illness. 2017 National Champion Lilly McLeod (10-12) will also return to the LUX / Sideshow Cycling Team in 2019 as she continues her training in a long-term development project.

The Team looks forward to these talented juniors contributing to the LUX / Sideshow Cycling Team’s ongoing ambitions during the 2019 season.

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