CLIF Bar introduces Whole Lotta

CLIF Bar recently introduced Whole Lotta – an organic fruit, nut, and seed snack bar with added plant-based protein.

The new CLIF Whole Lotta is soft-baked bar with a nutty texture and vibrant flavor combinations that is packed with whole food ingredients like pumpkin seeds, almonds, dried cherries and ginger.CLIF Whole Lotta is an anytime snack bar, that is a great between meals or when you need something delicious, nutritious, and convenient during your busy day.

Whole Lotta is non-GMO and certified USDA organic and is gluten Free, dairy free and has no added sugar.


The CLIF Whole Lotta bar is available in the following delicious flavors: Tart Cherry Almond, Salted Dark Chocolate, Roasted Peanut Chocolate and Spiced Almond Ginger.

Where to Purchase

The CLIF Whole Lotta bars can be purchased online and at retailers.