TWENTY20 Pro Cycling Supports Career Move for Cycling Phenom Chloé Dygert

TWENTY20 Supports Big Career Move for Chloé Dygert

Another Mission Accomplished for Team’s Athlete Development Goals

Through her team’s Olympic-year and aptly-named iterations including TWENTY12, TWENTY16, TWENTY20, and now TWENTY24, Team General Manager, Nicola Cranmer, has focused her unrelenting energy, efforts, and a sharp eye for strong talent on building national, world, and Olympic champions. Chloé Dygert is no exception.

During Chloé’s six-year tenure with TWENTY16 and TWENTY20, she won ten world titles, Olympic silver, and multiple world records. “It was always the plan for Chloé to race with TWENTY20 through the Tokyo Olympics; however, with the Games postponed until 2021 coupled with all of the uncertainties relative to the race calendar, a mutual decision was made.” Commented team partner Julia Violich. The best decision for Chloe’s future in the sport was to accept the invitation to join her new team, CANYON//SRAM Racing, beginning January 1, 2021.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been six years since Chloé was recruited to our team,” said Nicola Cranmer. “Although it appears Chloé has God-given strength and talent, many assume these talents spring out of nowhere or burst on the scene—but it takes years of patience, nurturing, mapping, and of course the partnership with her coach, Kristin Armstrong, to develop an athlete like Chloé,” Cranmer added. “Our team’s relationship with USA Cycling and Gary Sutton’s track program also contributed greatly to Chloé’s success. A tandem schedule built around a very specific track and road events were mindfully scripted months ahead. It was not about volume with Chloé, it was about balance.”

TWENTY16 and TWENTY20 were very fortunate during the majority of Chloé’s time with the team to have the support of lead sponsor, Sho-Air International, and their CEO, Scott Tedro. He understood the importance of balance and the reasoning behind a limited schedule for Chloé. “Nicola has dedicated much of her life to developing young athletes in preparation for both cycling and life, and I’ve watched Chloé grow into a champion under Nicola’s tutelage,” shared Tedro. “I’ve met many professional athletes over the past 15 years and Chloé developed into a fierce competitor—I was happy to support the program that helped her flourish. We wish her the best of luck and lots of future success.”

The team has always taken a highly strategic approach when it comes to recruiting and aligning the right athletes with the direction and opportunities for the team and then fostering the strengths and character of each athlete—ultimately to drive the greatest successes possible.

“I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of TWENTY16 and TWENTY20 for the past six years,” said Chloé Dygert. “Nicola has built such a unique and inclusive program through her time in the sport—they had so much patience and supported me through every high moment and more importantly every low moment,” Dygert continued. “I’m so grateful to have the encouragement and friendship with Nicola as I take this step in my career, and she will always be a part of my support system. I am looking forward to following what TWENTY24 does next—I just know that Nicola has such great vision in the sport, and it will be fun to watch up and coming juniors in the years to come.”

“Chloé is one of, if not the, strongest up and coming talents in world cycling,” said Ronny Lauke, Team Manager, CANYON//SRAM Racing. “Chloé has achieved an incredible amount of success in her time at TWENTY20. Nicola and her team have raised many talents to international merits and with the still very young age of Chloé, we’re looking forward to continuing to support her as a person and an athlete over the coming four years. We will fully support Chloé on her dual road and track approach towards the coming Summer Olympic Games, and will plan her 2021 season together with her home coach, Kristin Armstrong, after Chloé has recovered from her crash at the Road World Championships in September,” Lauke added.

Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist and winningest U.S. female athlete in the sport’s history, Kristin Armstrong, has coached Chloé Dygert since October 2015. “In the summer of 2015, I stood on top of the time trial podium at the Cascade Classic cycling race next to my 18-year old junior teammate, Chloé Dygert,” said Armstrong. “The next day while defending the yellow jersey I asked her to bridge across to a 2-minute break and help her teammate up the road—done.”

Two months later, Chloé made history by becoming a Junior World Champion in both the road and time trial in Richmond, Virginia. Her story continued to a quick recruitment by USA Cycling’s Andy Sparks to the track, less than one year out from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games where she brought home a silver medal for Team USA.

“From the day I stood next to Chloé on the podium in Bend, I knew she was a champion and had no doubt if presented the right opportunities and environment she would continue her success,” added Armstrong. “I am excited to see Chloé take this next step in her career and look forward to being part of the journey that lies ahead. She will continue being part of a supportive team and environment which is crucial to an athlete’s success. To Nicola Cranmer and Team TWENTY20— thank you for providing a solid foundation and launching pad over these past six years and playing a huge role in Chloe’s success.”

Chloé Dygert Moves to CANYON//SRAM Racing

“I am very supportive of Chloé’s move to CANYON//SRAM Racing—Ronny operates a stellar program,” said Cranmer. “I am happy she will continue with our legacy partners Zipp, SRAM, and Quarq, and while Chloé at age 22 has already accomplished more than most in the sport, there is undoubtedly much more to come! I am excited to share stories over the garden fence as we are literally next-door neighbors!” Cranmer continued.

The team will continue support of confirmed Tokyo 2021 athletes including Jennifer Valente (USA), Georgia Simmerling (CAN), Jasmin Duehring (CAN), and also Lea Davison (USA), Sofia Arreola (MEX), and Jamie Whitmore (USA), all three pending Olympic qualification. A dynamic and exciting re-calibrated program with new partnership announcements will soon ride and race as TWENTY24 and then on to the next Olympic cycle.

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