Interview: Cycling Star Chloé Dygert Digs Deep in Record Pursuit

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American willing to suffer in quest to win more titles and break more records.

Chloé Dygert has taken the track cycling world by storm in the last few years with her latest UCI Track Cycling World Championships individual pursuit title coming off the back of two record-breaking times.  The American smashed a seven-year-old world record to seal her fifth world gold in the space of just three years since her switch from road racing.  Here is what the 21-year-old sensation had to say after her success in Apeldoorn, Holland:

World records are usually broken by the narrowest of margins, but you took two seconds off the previous record. Did you train specifically for the record?

Chloé Dygert: Yes, I had quite a few individual training sessions to prepare the best I could to break it. Our new track coach, Gary Sutton, has a solid programme and is all about making every rider reach their best in everything they do.

Have you been surprised at your huge success considering how short a time you have been involved in track cycling?

Chloé Dygert: Honestly, in the humblest way possible, I am not surprised. I like to set my standards at the highest level and I just expect myself to accomplish what I want. I don’t go to a race to podium – I go to win.

The last year feels like a passing of the American track torch with Sarah Hammer’s retirement. How much of an inspiration has she been to you?

Chloé Dygert: Starting my career at the end of hers was truly a blessing. Sarah, like every other great cyclist, inspires me. They inspire me to be the best, accomplish what they did and then achieve even more. Sarah has been such a great mentor for me on and off the bike. I truly can say I love her like a big sister!

Very few people get to wear and own a world rainbow jersey, so what have you done with all of yours? Are they hanging on a wall somewhere?

Chloé Dygert: I have one jersey in a frame, but it still isn’t up on a wall yet. It was my very first elite rainbow jersey from the London UCI Track Cycling World Championships. The rest are in a pink storage container with the medals.

Have you phased out your other sporting pleasures since your basketball injury in 2014 or do you still shoot a few hoops to relax?

Chloé Dygert: My body breaks so easily, so I try not to do anything but cycling. My go-to hobby would be cleaning or building IKEA furniture. If I wasn’t cycling, I would love to own my own cleaning business.

Will you return to road competition once you’ve achieved your track goals?

Chloé Dygert: I will go back and forth as I have road and time trialing goals as well.

What do you enjoy most about training? What is the hardest thing?

Chloé Dygert: I enjoy watching my fitness grow – the progress and preparing for a big event. I love to suffer. The hardest thing I have to do is accept that I won’t always have “race day” legs on BIG race days! If my body doesn’t get nervous for an event I can tell you right then, I won’t have “race day” legs. I have to be nervous to perform at my best.

Photo Marv Watson/Red Bull Content Pool

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