World Champion Dygert Owen Re-signs with TWENTY20 Pro Cycling for 2018 

World Champion Dygert Owen Re-signs with TWENTY20 Pro Cycling for 2018 

World Champion Chloé Dygert will return to the TWENTY20 Pro Cycling for her fifth season with the program. The 20-year old cycling sensation will hold a full track program through UCI Track World Championships then move to the spring road calendar.

“I am excited for the season ahead with the track world championships, then I get to head to the road with TWENTY20 Cycling. I believe I can take my track power and fitness and transition well to a strong road season,” Dygert Owen said. Dygert Owen has a robust road season scheduled for 2018 but not before she knocks off some more goals in team pursuit and a world record in the individual pursuit. Sarah Hammer is the current record holder at 3:22.269. Chloé powered to a 3:22.920 earlier this year at the UCI Track World Championships in Hong Kong.

“This will be Chloé’s 5th year with our program. Balance is critical for this young athlete as she continues to develop on both the road and track. She sets a goal and accomplishes it. Ever since I’ve known her she had a clear vision of what she wanted; rainbow jerseys, a husband and a house, at age 20 she already has accomplished so much. I appreciate that she trusts our program to provide her with the platform to continue to hit her markers. One of my goals for her is to see her win two medals in Tokyo.” said team General manager, Nicola Cranmer. ” We will do everything we can to support this effort. With the recent announcement of the U.S National Team Program with extended services and benefits for its athletes along with the well mapped out road season from her TWENTY20 trade team, I have no doubt that she can accomplish this.”
(Image: Brian Hodes)

Track schedule
December 13th – 20th USA Track camp and National team announcement
January 2018 –  USA Cycling Track Camp, Poland
January 19-21 – UCI World Cup, Minsk, Belarus
February 28-March 4 – UCI Track World Championships – Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

The transition from track to road can be a tricky one, balancing the endurance for road races with the power of the track. Dygert Owen opens her road season in April in the US, with focus on Amgen Tour of California in May.

“My goals for 2018 are big. I want to go under 3:20 in the individual pursuit. I want to win the elite time trial world championships. These are not easy goals. I want to see what I can do on the road, as I am looking forward to a full road calendar this year. I am so grateful for the support. It’s not something that is handed out, I have worked very hard to get where I am today but all I have accomplished wouldn’t be possible without a team like that behind you. I am very thankful for their belief in my ability,” added Dygert Owen.

Dygert Owen’s Coach Kristin Armstrong believes these are on-target goals for this athlete. Armstong’s connection with this athlete has been showcased during the last two seasons where Armstrong has taken Dygert Owen under her wing, both in training structure but also in fit, equipment and recovery.

“Just missing the podium at the World Championships in Bergen has left Chloe extremely motivated.  She has remained very disciplined these last few months and there is no doubt that she will accomplish every goal she sets in 2018. As a multi-discipline athlete, she has to set her vision and long-term goals but ultimately has to stay focused on the goal right in front of her and trust the process and her team to help her be prepared along the way. This is where the ability to have laser-focus comes in to play. Chloe looks to defend both of her World Championships titles in the IP as well as with her team in the TP.  To take it a step further she hopes to break the World Record in the IP, which she came very close to breaking during last years Worlds Championships,” commented Armstrong.  “Chloe is a phenom in the sport. I feel so fortunate to be part of her performance team as we head towards Tokyo 2020, with some great racing and learning in the next two years.”

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