Photo Gallery & Race Report: Rosena Ranch Circuit Race

2021 Rosena Ranch Circuit Race

Cory Williams Wins Pro Race at Rosena Ranch Circuit Race

The Southern California bike racing season has gone from zero to sixty just like that!

Big thanks to Alfie Sanchez and Ronnie Chalk of Majestic Cycling, who have been busy putting together a solid start to the SoCal road bike racing season. This is definitely not our normal season as the season has had to adjust to the pandemic with a later start and new safety protocols due to COVID-9.

It’s nice to be back out on the race scene and seeing everyone in person!

The Rosena Ranch Circuit Race is an out-and-back circuit that can be very challenging which covered 30 laps and 60 miles for the Pro 1/2 men’s race. If you are missing fitness, the riders who have race form will eat you up and spit you out if you don’t have some form.

The weather was ideal for most of the day, however, the early morning events were a little chilly according to some of the riders.

With the Pro 1/2 race having over sixty riders at the start, there were many pros and strong riders with many teams on the start line looking for some extra fitness as the season gets underway.

As the race got underway, the pace and attacks along with the wind made it hard on the field with riders coming off all over the course as the gaps were opening within the first 10 – 15 laps.

As the early attacks got absorbed, approximately eleven riders formed a group off the front which had all the teams represented. As the pace and wind picked up and the efforts for some riders to get across to the break pushed their current fitness limits of some of the riders and would dwindle the break down to nine riders who would work to establish a gap that wouldn’t see it come back. A chase group of four riders formed that would get within 35 to 40 seconds but started losing time as the lead break worked well and had more bodies. The wind and the rolling hills took its toll on the chase group as well as what was remaining of the pack.

As the race was winding down, the main break started to lose riders to flat tires and some of the riders were cramping up due to the early efforts to maintain the gap. This would see the chase group start picking up some of the fading breakaway riders. The Legion of Los Angeles Team was pretty much in command having three riders in the original break and lost one to a flat.  Legion of Los Angeles teammates Hunter Grove and Cory Williams attacked Ezra Sonderling  (LABC), Eddy Huntsman (Elevate-Webiplex) and Joseph Lupien (Team Skyline). Hunter and Cory would solo in for the win while lapping the remaining field and staying way from the chasing trio who would round out the top five for the day in the order from above.

Side Note: I was super stoked to see all seven of the Team riders that started all finish which was a solid ride considering half of the field would drop out and we would have five of the Team riders finish in the top 16 for the day. I’m excited to see what these guys can achieve down the road.

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