Cycling is Great for the Whole Family, and Here’s Why

Cycling is Great for the Whole Family, and Here’s Why

Now more than ever, technology and the hectic nature of our lives has made it more difficult to spend meaningful time with our families. However, cycling is a fantastic way to reconnect with the family and nature. It’s also cheap, easy, and all you need to get started is a bike! There are so many reasons why you should begin incorporating cycling into your routine, from health benefits, great exercise, and it being a fun way to get out and explore!

Fun Activity for All Ages

Cycling is an excellent way for the whole family to get active. It’s a low-stress activity, so it doesn’t have much of an impact on your joints, you can control how hard or how easy you go, and it’s extremely easy to do! It’s even a good way to include the grandparents living in a senior living community. Getting the grandparents out for the ride will keep them active for longer by strengthening their muscles, improving their balance (which can reduce the chance of falls), and give them opportunities to leave the routine of their day-to-day life.

There are plenty of opportunities to get out and go with the whole family. The addition of a bike rack for your car also means that the possible destinations you can explore grows. Bringing your family to state parks, different towns, or the beach are great ways to change things up a bit and make cycling a fun activity they’ll want to keep doing. There are plenty of destinations all across the country and plenty near you to explore.

Health Benefits & Exercise

To start, cycling is a great way to introduce natural Vitamin D into our daily routines. Vitamin D is essential for keeping your family healthy; it helps reduce depression, build strong bones, and it is important for fighting off disease. Not convinced yet? Cycling is also great for weight loss, it boosts the strength of your muscles (which is great for keeping the grandparents healthy and moving), and it lowers your blood pressure.

Since it’s an aerobic activity, children benefit because they will start to build stamina and have cardiovascular development. The balance and coordination they learn from it will help them with everything from sports to school, as cycling is excellent for the mind and the body! It’ll boost their cognition, brain function, and because of it, they’ll perform better in school.

When you’re ready to get out there, don’t forget to wear a helmet! It’s less common than you’d think but is an effortless way to keep the whole family safe. Take the family out next weekend and experience some fresh air as the days get cooler; explore the town, visit a park, and have fun with it. Now get out there, and make some memories!

Jennifer Bell


About the Author

Jennifer Bell is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.



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