Tech Essentials for Every Cyclist: The Must-Have Gadgets and Apps

You can enhance your bike riding experience using cutting-edge gadgets such as fitness trackers and cycling sensors.

Technological innovations have played a key role in improving several human operations. For example, emerging technologies have influenced how we purchase stuff, access movies and music, and even enjoy games.

The entertainment industry, including online casino gaming, has particularly benefited from innovations such as the Internet and artificial intelligence. Technology has also made competition in the casino industry very tight. Consequently, operators use strategies such as the Wildz Casino bonus code to attract new players and keep current ones happy. Luckily, the influence of technology has reached other recreational activities, such as cycling.  

You can enhance your bike riding experience using cutting-edge gadgets such as fitness trackers and cycling sensors. These tech innovations are designed to make riding more exciting and fun. This article looks at the tech essentials that every cyclist should have.

So, if you are an enthusiastic cyclist ready to add some excitement to your riding sessions, you are in the right place. Below are some of the best tech accessories for bikes. Read on to discover more!

Must-Have Gadgets

Heart Rate Monitor

Monitoring your heart rate as you cycle has multiple benefits. It allows you to find and maintain an optimal exercise intensity to reach your goals. Furthermore, it enables you to measure the effort you are putting out and prevents you from over-exercising.

There are different designs of the heart rate monitor. For instance, there are fitness trackers with heart rate monitoring capability that you can wear on your wrist. However, if you want more accurate readings, consider chest-worn devices.

Smart Helmet

If you were asked what is the most important accessory a cyclist can wear, you’d probably say a helmet. Well, that’s true because the helmet can save your life in case of a crash. In this sense, a smart helmet can make your protection more sophisticated.

Smart helmets include extra features such as built-in lights that boost visibility in the dark. Others come with signal indicators that let other road users know which way you’ll be turning. Some include Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to enjoy music as you cycle, GPS navigation, and podcasts. You can also use these smart helmets to take phone calls.  

Bike Speed and Cadence Sensor

These devices measure how fast you’re going and how many rotations your pedals make every minute. Understanding your pedaling speed is excellent if you want to improve your riding skill and performance. They usually come with a companion app to record and analyze vital data.  

Best Cycling Apps


Strava is a popular app among riders worldwide. You can use it as a cycle computer on your phone. However, it is more fun than that!

For example, you can use the app to record your ride and upload it on the app and share it with your friends. Strava ranks all rides uploaded on it automatically. It also has a real-time feature that tells you how fast you track a given segment. You can use the app on your smartphone and computer too.


BikeApp is available on both Android and iOS that helps you in route planning, navigation, and real-time updates. The app offers real-time updates, enabling you to share the challenges you encountered during the ride with other users. Additionally, the app also has an archive feature that contains over seven million user-generated routes and in-app ride stats.


Photo by Will Truettner on Unsplash



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