Discover Deals and Vintage Bikes at the Whittier Bicycle Swap Meet on December 9th

A Hub for Buyers and Sellers at the Whittier Bicycle Swap Meet

As cycling enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the final Whittier Bicycle Swap Meet of 2023 this Saturday, December 9th the event promises a dynamic blend of commerce, camaraderie, and a shared passion for all things cycling. Held the second Saturday of each month, this gathering stands out as a hub for those seeking to buy, sell, or trade bicycles, parts, and accessories. Under the California sun, attendees engage in a vibrant marketplace and a community celebration that goes beyond a typical shopping experience.

Diverse Offerings for Every Cyclist

The Whittier Bicycle Swap Meet showcases an eclectic array of items, ranging from vintage bikes with nostalgic charm to cutting-edge components that cater to the demands of modern cycling. The event caters to a diverse crowd, welcoming everyone from casual riders to ardent collectors. This diversity ensures a broad spectrum of goods and a rich tapestry of cycling culture.

Beyond Buying and Selling: A Community Connection

More than just a marketplace, the Whittier Bicycle Swap Meet is a social nexus where cycling enthusiasts converge. Attendees share insights, swap stories, and forge connections with like-minded individuals who share a deep appreciation for the art and science of cycling. In this community-driven atmosphere, the event becomes a melting pot of knowledge, experience, and the joy of two-wheeled adventures.

Connecting with Local Businesses and Organizations

In addition to individual sellers, the Whittier Bicycle Swap Meet often features local bike shops and vendors, creating a marketplace where attendees can explore the latest products and services. Cycling-related organizations may also have a presence, advocating for community engagement and promoting initiatives that benefit the cycling community at large.

Whittier Bicycle Swap Meet Details

Mark your calendars for the Whittier Bicycle Swap Meet, a must-attend event for cycling enthusiasts. Taking place on Saturday, December 9, 2023, from approximately 8 am to 12 pm.

Buying and Selling: Find Amazing Deals

For buyers, admission to the Whittier Bicycle Swap Meet is free. Sellers are also welcomed to join this vibrant gathering. Secure your selling space for just $40, or opt for two spaces at $70. It’s a fantastic opportunity to declutter and give new life to your old gear.

Location: Where the Cycling Community Unites

The event is held at the East Whittier Christian Church, located at 9951 Mills Ave., Whittier, CA. 

More Information

For more information visit the Whittier Bicycle Swap Meet Facebook Page.

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