A Look at the Shimano 9000 Dura-Ace Series Mechanical Groupset

In addition to the some modifications and improvements to the Di 2 Electric 9070 Groupset, Shimano will be introducing the much needed and revamped mechanical Dura-Ace Groupset.

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Key Features of the 2013 Shimano 9000 Dura-Ace Series Include:

  • The 2013 Shimano 9000 Dura-Ace Series will be 11 speed, instead of  the current 10 speed.
  • The weight was reduced to make it more efficient all the way around.
  • Improved lever ergonomics with dual compound hoods along with a claimed smoother more responsive shifting and easier installation for better maintenance.
  • Quicker shifting on the front derailleur with a shorter throw for a more claimed responsive shifting.
  • The brake calipers have been refined for less effort and better control and modulation.
  • The crankset is completely redesigned to drop weight but maintain efficiency.
  • The bottom bracket uses better seals for less friction for a more efficient ride.
  • The rear derailleur has been redesigned for improved shifting for a more equal shifting efforts across the gear range.
  • The cogset is now 11 speed and uses a carbon mid-spider and titanium sprockets to drop weight and  make for a more efficient gear range.
  • The BB30 option for the crankset is still missing, which will continue to leave the door open for after market cranks to fill the nitch.
Check out the new Shimano 9000 Dura Ace for an overall improved look and claimed better efficiency and feel.


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