A Look At the Tiso 12-Speed ‘Wireless” Electronic Gruppo

The Tiso 12-Speed ‘Wireless” Electronic Gruppo is a road bike component group that consists of four elements: rear derailleur, front derailleur, cassette and shifters.

The system is covered by five international patents and two international trademarks.

The shifting operation is controlled via a wireless radio and/or wireless bluetooth signal and the commands are activated using buttons integrated into the brake levers. The cassette sprockets are made of titanium and weigh about 150 grams, despite having that extra 12th sprocket (11-29).

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The derailleurs utilize a micromotor with encoder for the operation and control; the unit is powered by AAA batteries.

The group can work on all road bikes, and is compatible with all 10- and 11-speed Campagnolo, Shimano and SRAM. Once installed, the rider simply selects the type of components and pushes the “reset” START button.

The price point will be lower than all the other groups in electronic gruppos, and will be easily assembled by anyone — even by novices, as there are very few pieces and no cables.

Starting in January, Tiso will begin to collect the reservations for those who want to be among the first customers.

The Tiso 12-Speed components will be imported and distributed into the U.S. exclusively by Albabici.

For more info visit tisobike.com.

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