Product Review: Rokform Rokbed v3 iPhone Case and Bike Mount Kit

With today’s high tech phone market there are many phone cases to choose from and Rokform has raised the bar for phone cases that goes beyond protecting your phone and keeping it looking good. Rokform has created cases, like the Rokbed v3 iPhone Case, that are as useful and as high tech as the phones they protect from everyday use in today’s technology driven and fast paced world. If you use a smartphone, then why not use a smart case.

With hundreds of apps on today’s smartphones that can track, display and record your ride, many people are using their phone to replace their beloved bike computer. A major problem that riders have found is how to mount their phone to their bike while also keeping it safe.

Rokform has solved this problem by creating a bullet proof case combined with a smart bicycle mount.  Riders have the choice of two case materials; polycarbonate plastic or machined aluminum. The case is very slim and is very easy to take in and out of a pocket. An optional rare earth magnet allows the case to stick to a metallic surface for convenient hands free use. Both types come in a wide assortment of colors that will compliment any bike.

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The  Rokform Rokbed v3 Bike Mount is cleverly attached to the bike via a supplied top cap and adjustable 25 degree turn mount. While the case and iPhone are securely attached to the mount, Rokform strongly suggests using the supplied lanyard or clips to keep the case securely closed. Not only will you feel secure while being informed on your road bike, but you’ll also have peace of mind knowing the phone will not accidentally eject on your mountain bike or a bumpy road.

The mount sits above the stem and does a great job of displaying the phone. Controls are easily accessible and there is no worry of the phone detaching from the mount while using it since the magnet keeps a firm hold on the phone case.

Overall, the Rockform case and bike mount does a great job of displaying a smartphone while on the bike, in addition to protecting the phone with a solid case that also has other uses and accessories via

Product Review by Keith Ornelis

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