The Jenna Ride – Fundraiser for Injured Cyclist

Attention fellow cyclists!  You are invited to join a special ride this Sunday, May 26th at Empire Bikes in Chino Hills to support Jenna Rollman in her recovery from a severe bicycle accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury.

The ride is being held to help raise funds that will allow Jenna to transition into a more independent lifestyle by aiding her in purchasing hand controls for her car, a bed, and easing the cost of medical expenses. Cyclists of all abilities are welcome to participate and donate to Jenna’s cause, as well as have a great time cycling and enjoying life!

Before her accident Jenna was an avid cyclist who was always riding to have fun and push the limit. She hopes to be back on the road soon with your help and encouragement, and the Jenna Ride is the way to make that happen. Come out to ride, socialize, eat, and have an awesome Empire time!

Jenna and the Empire Bikes crew hope to see you there!

More info on how to register or make a donation can be found at

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